Events~~Nella Bella F/W 2011 Presentation~~VIDEO!


Below is some of the footage and interviews from the Nella Bella Fall/Winter presentation April 2011. Check out my interviews with the designer Tarek and see what Julio editor of has to say about the collection.


Events~~2011 Pioneer Dj Stylus Awards


The 2011 Dj Stylus weekend took place from May 27- May 30.  If you don’t know what they are I will let you know.  The Stylus awards and spinfest weekend take place every year to celebrate Dj’s, producers, artists, and lovers of music across Canada.  Lending a voice to an OH so important segment of the music industry that often does not get the credit that it deserves.  Dj’s keep us bumpin in the club, they break and release new music first and they are generally on the ground floor when it comes to what’s hot right now. 

So in an effort to recognize those who keep our toes tapping I went to see who was showing up on the Red Carpet and of course what they were wearing…this is a fashion blog after all. 

I had a great time taking pics and interviewing people on the carpet with the help of my correspondent for the day Deirdre.  The video is coming soon…but in the meantime check out the pictures!  Big shout out to Ryan Singh Enterprises for the videography!

To learn more about the stylus awards visit their website

Photos are courtesy of John Headley

Hope you enjoyed…


Alexxuss Loves ~ Her Gap Jean Jacket~Why My Jean Jacket is better than a little black dress


Whooooop I’m back, yeah I know it’s been a minute in deed but I promise you I won’t be leaving again any time soon, it’s fashion season after all and for the first time in many a season I will be attending all the shows. .

Now that I have addressed the obvious, this post is dedicated to my favorite accessory, my Gap jean jacket.  I can’t tell how many outfits I’ve accessorized by throwing on my jean jacket.  I’ve topped off dressy outfits to dress them down, I’ve added it as a layer to make an outfit edgier, and I’ve used it as a primary piece and built outfits around it.

If you are looking for ways to wear your jean jacket just take a look at some of my many outfit choices and steal a page from my book.

Bathroom edited

Headed out

The Stylus awards

Alexxuss Loves~Blackberry~Why RIM needs to follow in Ford Motor Company’s footsteps


So the title of this post might seem to be a little bit shocking to you guys who read this blog regularly or at least who check it out when I update it because I’m writing about technology and this blog is about fashion.  But I also talk about things I love and well I love my Blackberry. There was a time when having a Blackberry was very fashionable as well, so I guess the post works.  In any case the apparent mass exodus from Blackberry to Iphone to Android has already been taking place and it would be pointing out the obvious for me to say that Blackberry/RIM is losing ground to its comeptitors.  Well what can they do about it?  As I was watching my primetime shows this evening I saw a Ford commercial for the new Escape featuring foot activated lift gate technology and I thought to myself, that is what RIM needs to do.  By that I don’t mean add a foot activated anything to its handsets; I mean innovate.  With a capital I.

Recently I was travelling by bus and overheard two passengers talking about Blackberry and why it had been so wildly successful and then just fell off.  One of the things they talked about was how RIM was a world-class innovator in the developement of instant messaging technology on a handheld device.  But are we going to see Blackberry go the way of Palm?  Remember them, the ones who came out with the first really popular smart phones; I personally hope they don’t.  I don’t want them to because their Canadian and so am I; call it an emotional, patriotic, un-intellectual opinion but that is the reason.  I want to see a Canadian company win! I want them to remember why they were world-class leaders in the first place I want them to Innovate.  Let’s be honest there are no hand-held instant messaging applications that are as unique in design as Blackberry Messenger BBM for short. None, and all you iphone users can shut up about imessage because it’s still isn’t as dope as BBM and still can’t do all the things that BBM can.

Providing each individual handset made with as unique an identifier as a PIN that allows you to communicate with any other phone just like it!  GENIUS, and to this day no other company has been able to duplicate this effectively.  NONE!  That is the level of innovation that is required to get RIM back to being a leading provider of smart phone technology.  Ford motor company is doing it by adding a feature to their vehicles that someone should have thought of eons ago; like really why the hell hadn’t someone thought of a foot activated lift gate?  Or more likely some engineer did think of it and his higher-ups put the cabash on the idea.  I bet they are kicking themselves now.  Again because the idea is GENIUS!

With the launch of BB 10 quickly approaching I for one hope that RIM shows us what they can do.  I hope that they haven’t allowed the enterprising, entrepreneurial, innovative spirit that they had to be sucked out of them from all of the hits the company has taken in recent years because Innovation with a capital I is the only way that this company is going to start clawing its way back.  I for one am waiting to see just that!

Below is some preview video of the BB 10 so far it looks pretty awesome, it definetly has some of that innovation that made Blackberry great in the first place check out the video after the break and you be the judge!

World MasterCard Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012~Famous Faces on the Runway


This post has been a long time in the planning and though I have been distracted by the usual on-goings of life I really wanted to do this post. It’s important to show everyone how much effort is going into these shows and how Canadian designers have stepped up their game in terms of who they are casting: and how this brings more international attention to their shows.  In past seasons we have seen major names in the modelling world strut their stuff down the runway for our Canadian designers.  For example last season when Andrej Pejic opened and closed the Pink Tartan show or when Yasmine Warsame opened the Attitude by Jay Manuel show followed by a string of America’s Next Top Model alumni.  Please keep in mind that this is a regular occurence at fashion weeks around the world and Canadian designers are now realizing just how much a famous face in your designs can add to your international business. If you don’t know who some of these models are just google them and you’ll see!

Joe Fresh ~

Pink Tartan ~

Express ~

Photos Courtesy of Paul Ross and Miriam Njoh for Opique

World Mastercard Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013~Day 3~Korhani Home Rug Runway Extravaganza


There are some members of the fashion public who don’t believe that a home furnishings and decor company should be allowed a spot on the runway.  There are some who belive they just don’t belong, I wonder if these people have eyes.  Say what you want the Korhani Home runway show is one of the most entertaining and well produced shows every season, and I’ve been lucky enough to see each collection since their first in person.  This season I’ve already said I couldn’t make it but again I went through the pics and as expected the Korhani Home collection was Gorgeous!

Please believe that these pieces that the models are wearing are made of carpet but damnit if I wouldn’t rock one of those pieces and be like “and what!” “I dare you to tell me I don’t look A MAY ZING!” LOL! I would too!  Pics are below!

Photos Courtesy of Paul Ross for Opique

World Mastercard Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013~Day 3~Matis 70’s Siren


What can I say about this collection? It’s on fire for one. For two its bold, sexy and confident, all the things I love in a collection.  Matis collection showed on the 3rd day of Fashion Week, and as I still couldn’t make it to the tents I never saw the show in person.  I again had to rely on the pictures and can I tell you I am blown away, I love this collection.  Please tell me the Silver Sequin pant suit is not EVERYTHING! The prints, and colours used were unexpected and choosing to construct them into maxi dresses and jumpsuits, was just brilliant.  This collection gave you everything all wardrobe options were covered, from day to evening you could do no wrong.

Check out the pics…

Photos Courtesy Paul Ross for Opique…

World Master Card Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013~Day 2~Collections All photos


Day 2 collections World Mastercard Fashion Week

Melissa Nepton…






Bustle…(not the entire collection)








Photos courtesy of Mirian Njoh for Opique

World Mastercard Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013~Day 1~Pink Tartan


Kim Newport-Mimram is my go to designer for Fashion week.  I wouldn’t say I get overly excited to see her collection every season but that’s just because I feel like for me she is the Michael Jordan of Fashion Week. She always executes amazingly well.  Her collections are always cohesive, they are always well styled, they are always on trend, and they are above all else wearable.  I rarely if ever have anything negative or critical to say about her collections and to be perfectly honest when I’m having my strutting down Bay street day dreams I’m wearing her Green peplum jumpsuit from Fall/Winter 2012.  It’s usually summer in my day dreams…But she does not disappoint….

Photos courtesy of Paul Ross for Opique

World Master Card Fashion Week~Spring/Summer 2013 Day 1~Pavoni~A Ball in Versailles


Pavoni landed on my radar last season.  I never actually saw the show only the video review and that was enough to be kicking my own butt all over the tents.  But this season my schedule didn’t allow for me to get into the tents to see this show on the opening night either, which I accepted with some sadness but accepted nonetheless.  I did however have the gift of a live feed so I was able to watch the show from start to finish.  Of course I wasn’t disappointed the collection was flawless and gorgeous shimmery and effervescent.  Everything that I have now come to expect from this design team.  The colours were kept simple, tans, blacks and gold with a pale sea-foam green thrown in, in places.  Lace in both black and metallics added some sex appeal. The evening gowns were red carpet perfection and would hold their own with many of the designers we see worn on the carpet during award season.  Then there are the Ball gowns; there is no other designer currently presenting during fashion week who does a Ball gown like Pavoni yeah I said it!  Check the pictures  they say it all….

Photos courtesy of Mirian Njoh for Opique

Jean Pierre Braganza Spring/Summer 2013~The Shows Toronto~Abstract Architecture


I always love discovering a new Canadian designer that I would wear and recommend.  I personally think that we as Canadians place far too much stock in International brands that don’t do anything to promote our industry our sense of fashion or the talent that we have right in our own back yard.  With more designers entering the market place who clearly have a vision and a voice it is important that Canadian media spotlights these designers so that the general population can find them and begin to purchase their collections.  I think Jean Pierre Braganza is one of those designers who needs to be showcased and shouted about.  Now I wasn’t at the actual show but my photographers were and I am soooo thankful because I got beautiful photos of this collection.  I knew that there was magic happening on the runway because this collection had the Blogeratti all a twitter on twitter.  Once I did get the photos I was equally as impressed with the collection as everybody else was.

The collection was print heavy, with no shortage of colour.  It also included jumpsuits my personal fav! One that you could pair with a blazer and head to the office and the other jumpsuit you’d pair with a killer shoe and head out for a night on the town.  The dresses in the collection all had abstract design elements including asymmetrical necklines and hems. Splashes of a print combined with solid fabrics made the designs way more interesting than if they had just the print alone or  just a solid colour.  Overall I loved the collection and thus far it is my favourite.

Check out the pics below…..

Photos courtesy of Melonie De Guzman for Opique