World Master Card Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013~Day 2~Collections All photos


Day 2 collections World Mastercard Fashion Week

Melissa Nepton…






Bustle…(not the entire collection)








Photos courtesy of Mirian Njoh for Opique

LG Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2012~~Bustle



There are a few collections every season that we all look forward to seeing; Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh, Denis Gagnon, David Dixon, Greta Constantine and of course Bustle.  One of only a handful of mens wear designers this duo certainly manages to dress the Bustle man with expert tailoring a fantastic manipulation of fabrics and a surprising use of colours. 

Part of my love for this show every year is the male models, Ha I’m a creep..Ha but I do also attend for the clothes, it’s always good to know how a man can look and what options are out there for them!  So without further ado here is the latest collection from Bustle…

Photos courtesy of P Ross for


LG Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 Day 2

I’ve been commenting that the collections coming out of Toronto Fashion week this season are fantastic.  I mean, that may not surprise some of you but I expect to not like at least one or two shows that I attend.  How could every single designer present a collection that is totally me?   It sounds ludicrous even when I say it out loud.  In any case that is exactly what’s happening I have yet to be disappointed.  High points for me as expected; Pink Tartan the show was awesome just flawless in its execution colour palette and fluidity. Chloe Comme Parris was also great and even the Korhani Rug Runway show had its points.  The day closed with Bustle which was also a great show that featured dog sleds and snow!

 I was backstage today and got to interview the designer from Korhani, as well as take a picture with the adorable pink poodle from the show.  She was so sweet and well-behaved.  The dog not the designer.  (LoL)  You’ll be able to see that interview on TGIF TV as well as the footage I got of Glen Baxter of In Fashion giving me his opinion on Chloe Comme Parris.  Overall it was a day filled with good design and fashion fever from the crowd attending!

Check out the pics from the day below.

Backstage Beauty…Pink Tartan

Around the venue…

Angie Smith ET Canada

Joe Mimran aka Joe Fresh backstage pre-show press

hot ass shoes

Louis "my Czar" love his style

Julio aka Mr. Fashionights

closeup on the shoes


Lolitta Dandoy fashion and beauty blogger


Fav show of the day Pink Tartan…(not the full show)

Photos courtesy of  Jenna Marie Wakani via

So that concludes day two coverage.  I am a day behind so check back for Day 3 tomorrow.  Oh it’s good it’s soooooo good!


Out of The Box Interview–Elite Model Renee Thompson


In 2008 I sat on the couch well actually laid, and watched the replay of fashion shows happening during LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009 collections and the collection that was coming down the runway was for Bustle.  Having never seen a collection from the team before, I didn’t know what to expect but as the first model came down the runway it was apparent that this was a menswear collection a nice change.  From the moment that I discovered that the shows were being replayed for two to three hours daily that week I was glued to my tv everyday  to watch.  It literally became apart of my daily routine and being production oriented like I am of course I was noticing what each designer had been doing for each of their collections.  As the first model came down the runway for this collection I was immediately paying closer attention.  There was a more elaborate production element to this show.  If your familiar with this collection you know that the models were primarily men and as I continued to watch the show noticing the well cut lines and colour palate used I didn’t think that anything unexpected would happen but then out struts this gorgeous female model dressed head to toe in men’s wear, stompin her way down the runway;  and she rocked the hell out her outfit, she owned it, she show cased the clothes for the photographers in the gallery and stomped it back up the runway, that was the first time that I saw Renee Thompson in all her runway glory.

Fast Forward two years later to LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011  and the shows are no longer a spectator sport for me.  I’m covering fashion week for my blog and looking to get some interviews and some of the backstage action.  So on day two I head backstage to see what my little eyes can see.  Who do I run into right as I walk through the curtain Ms. Thompson herself sitting for hair and makeup for the Rachel Mara show.  (This may not seem too amazing to you but I had to gather myself), why you ask;  because moments earlier I was speaking to John Headley my photographer who got me all my end of runway shots;  and he had asked me if I had an opportunity to speak to her yet,  I said “no, but I’m heading backstage to see if she is getting ready for another show”…I walk in and there she is sitting right in front of the door way, what’s even more striking is she spoke first, more background (I am 5’11 and that day I was wearing 5” OTK black leather boots, so sitting down, it looks like these leather clad legs are coming for you)…She says “I’m wondering who this is with these bad boots on”, and I say “ha just who I was looking for”  the rest is as they say history…

I’ve had some time to sit and talk with Renee, and her story is an amazing one and my interview really doesn’t do it justice, but it’s great for what it is; an opportunity to learn a little bit more about an extraordinary person (as I have come to find out)…yall should get to know her too read on…Ms. Thompson in her own words!

How did you become a Model?

I was discovered by Elmer Olsen in 1999 at an Elite Model search contest in Oakville.  (This would obviously be prior to Elmer opening his own agency)

Who is your style icon?

Shelia E.  She made being Andro (short for Androgynous) cool; she did boy things while still looking like a girl.  She played the drums, and she was the first woman to wear metallic pants like guys and the David Bowie inspired jackets.

Who is your Modeling icon?

Pat Cleveland.  She had a unique walk and never walked in order.  I had the opportunity to work with her during a Gattioni show in 2007 where the designer decided to present his collection and feature all Black models.  The theme being divas of the past and present.  So it was like, Roshumba, Yasmin, Pat Cleveland, Ange, myself, Omahyra Mota, can’t remember any more.  I was the only rookie girl there so I didn’t talk to them but I was like woow these woman are supermodels it was kinda trippy


Favourite item of clothing?

My Mango leather jacket.  I bought it in South Africa for a retarded amount of money but I wanted it, and I love it.

What’s in your model bag?

 A dark pair and a light pair of 6” stilettos, you never know what you’re going to wear and black doesn’t go with everything.  Mineral fusion concealer and face powder, I have sensitive skin and acne so I gotta cover that up.  My IPod, Spite lip glass from M.A.C I’ve been wearing since I was 14 and I refuse to deviate!

Favourite Designer?

Andy The-anh and Giorgio Armani, because his Ready to Wear 2007 collection was the most gorgeous collection I’ve ever seen.  There were 50 girls 102 outfits, it was Berets and tiered dresses and I swear the runway was like 200 ft it was exhausting.  The spare shoes!  Over 200 hundred pairs of extra shoes.  He also had spider woven wide brim hats and they had the make-up artists do a shadow on our faces so it appeared on the runway as if the hat was causing the shadow.  Of course there was no way the hat could cause the shadow because they were see -through.

Fall/winter or Spring/Summer?

Fall/Winter because I don’t break out in the winter.

How would you describe your personal style?

By day as comfortable as possible and at night anything less and I would be a stripper I mean….that’s what they do in New York…LOL

Favourite trend for this season?

Rain boots and big long wool coats, we are going back to warmth over style, you can wear them open if it’s not that cold but bundle them up when it is.

Favourite experience favourite person you’ve met?

Ellen DeGeneres, I went to the Richie Rich show(one half of design duo Heatherette) to see my girl walk, so I get back stage and I see Richie sitting for hair and make-up so I walk over and I was like I have a bone to pick with you.  He was like what tell me, so I say I have been casting for your show for years and your bogus production team has never picked me.  He immediately starts calling for wardrobe and makeup and hair to put me in the show.  I’m like ummm okay, so off I go whisked away to walk in this show.  So Richie always has celebrities in his shows. His show is more of a production than anything else it’s a show more than a fashion show.  So I’m dressed and in the line-up and I see Ellen and as I’m getting closer and closer I’m freaking out a lil more cause she’s right there in front of me.  So I finally work up the nerve when I’m right there and say you’re @#$%^ awesome and she says no you’re @#$% awesome and I was like OMG you just said the F word!  (She’s ballsy no?)

Renee on The Runway…

That conludes my interview with Renee, I hope you enjoyed it and got to learn a lil something about this ambitious young lady.

To contact Renee through her agency email:

On facebook: Renee Thompson

What’s Alexxuss Doing?~~P&G Beauty Awards Hosted by Queen Latifah

At this very moment I’m sitting in front of the computer wanting to throw it clean out the window.  I’m not impressed to say the least, suddenly my fabulous piece of technology wants to have Internet Connectivity issues why now? Doesn’t this thing know I have a post to write?  For Pete’s sake!

Thursday November 11 2010 marked the date  for the second annual P&G beauty awards.  The awards were created by Proctor and Gamble beauty and grooming to recognize the contributions of individuals in the fashion industry to editorial content.   I was blessed enough to be in attendance to witness the final nominees receiving their awards and it was a great experience.   The awards were hosted by Queen Latifah and had a slew of hip and funny presenters from the Fashion world as well as from sports, music, and T.V.

I arrived in time to get a glass of wine from the open bar (score one for P&G), head to the ladies room real quick and then get seated for the awards ceremony.  When I was doing my research on the event I found that it”s focus was great and was specific to the types of people who my blog talks about but I still didn’t know what to expect until Queen came out completed her introduction and then announced the first presenter.   Not to mention I also follow some of Canadian Fashions’ most fab on twitter and they were all tweeting about the awards; which is when I realized that everybody who’s anybody was in the same room as I was.  Very cool!  Some of the presenters were Aaliyah Jasmin from MTV News, Joeffer Caoc, Jully Black, Jeanne Becker, and Glen Baxter.  Just to name a few, Jully Black did an awesome job and was definitely the best presenter for the evening, allowing her personality to shine through she had everyone in the audience laughing out loud and even had Queen Latifah trying to contain herself on stage.  The ceremony was entertaining but not long and flowed nicely; with lots’ of cheering from those there to support the winners and nominees. 

Queen Latifah opening the show

Queen Latifah opeing the show


I managed to get pics of some of the winners some of the attendees and presenters and recorded all of the winners in each category.  While everyone else was sitting watching the stage with their undivided attention I was watching the screen thumbs hovering over my key board waiting for the next category and winners names to be announced.  At times I had to tell myself to pay attention as I was missing it.  (alas tis my job)…




And the winners are:

Best Fashion Feature Magazine or Newspaper English;  Nathalie Atkinson (The National Post)

Best Fashion Feature Magazine or Newspaper French; Jean Francois Legare (Enroute Magazine) “Fil Conducteur”

Best Beauty Feature Magazine or Newspaper English; Vanessa Craft “More Beauty in a Hot Flash”

Best Beauty Feature Magazine or Newspaper French; Sylvie Michelon “Voir Sortez Protegees”

Best Male Fashion Feature Magazine or Newspaper;  Dave Lackie (The National Post) “Get Un tied”

Best Beauty Editor of a Magazine; Carlene Higgins (Flare Magazine)

Best Fashion Editor of a Magazine; Elizabeth Cabral (Flare Magazine)

Best Male Grooming Feature Magazine or Newspaper English; Leo Petaccia “Sharp guide to grooming for everyday man”

Best Male Grooming Feature Magazine or Newspaper French; Christine Fortier (Clin D’Oeil) “Rire Dans Sa Barbe”

Best Beauty or Fashion Website; Lara Ceroni and Martina Djogo (

Best Beauty or Fashion Blog English; Michelle Vilett (

Best Beauty or Fashion Blog French; Lolitta Dandoy (Mode de Rue)(

Hairstylist of the Year; Justin German (Page One Management)

Make-up Artist of the year; Greg Wencel (Page One Management)

Photographer of the Year; Chris Nicholls

Best New Face; Frances Coombe (Elite Models)

Best Magazine Cover; Ilana Weitzman (En Route Magazine)

Event Pics:

For more information on the awards or to submit for next year check out their site