World Mastercard Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013~Day 3~Matis 70’s Siren


What can I say about this collection? It’s on fire for one. For two its bold, sexy and confident, all the things I love in a collection.  Matis collection showed on the 3rd day of Fashion Week, and as I still couldn’t make it to the tents I never saw the show in person.  I again had to rely on the pictures and can I tell you I am blown away, I love this collection.  Please tell me the Silver Sequin pant suit is not EVERYTHING! The prints, and colours used were unexpected and choosing to construct them into maxi dresses and jumpsuits, was just brilliant.  This collection gave you everything all wardrobe options were covered, from day to evening you could do no wrong.

Check out the pics…

Photos Courtesy Paul Ross for Opique…

World Master Card Fashion Week~Spring/Summer 2013 Day 1~Pavoni~A Ball in Versailles


Pavoni landed on my radar last season.  I never actually saw the show only the video review and that was enough to be kicking my own butt all over the tents.  But this season my schedule didn’t allow for me to get into the tents to see this show on the opening night either, which I accepted with some sadness but accepted nonetheless.  I did however have the gift of a live feed so I was able to watch the show from start to finish.  Of course I wasn’t disappointed the collection was flawless and gorgeous shimmery and effervescent.  Everything that I have now come to expect from this design team.  The colours were kept simple, tans, blacks and gold with a pale sea-foam green thrown in, in places.  Lace in both black and metallics added some sex appeal. The evening gowns were red carpet perfection and would hold their own with many of the designers we see worn on the carpet during award season.  Then there are the Ball gowns; there is no other designer currently presenting during fashion week who does a Ball gown like Pavoni yeah I said it!  Check the pictures  they say it all….

Photos courtesy of Mirian Njoh for Opique

Chloe Comme Parris Spring/Summer 2013~The Shows Toronto~Sheer Separates


The Chloe Comme Parris collection is one that I have reviewed each season since they began presenting in Toronto.  The design team consisting of two sisters created a collection for the daring and leggy girl who  likes to flirt with her clothing. She keeps things casual and comfortable but when she gets dressed she has no problem showing off some skin but also knows how to remain a lady.  The collection included multiple looks that consisted of sheer printed separates.
You could pair them together or wear them mixed with other pieces from your Spring/Summer wardrobe. My favourites were the shorts especially the leather ones.  I feel like this collection is a perfect, I wanna look effortless on a date collection, preferably a date that includes a ferris wheel and a board walk.

Check out the pics!

Photos by Miriam Njoh for Opique

Laura Siegel Spring/Summer 2013~The Shows Toronto~Austrailan Outback Boho hippie


Hello hello I am back from my hiatus don’t read anything into the timing. Ha! What better way is there for me to jump back into writing than by reviewing the shows for Toronto Fashion week.  Like most major cities around the world that host a national and in some cases international Fashion week there are shows that take place surrounding and during the official Fashion Week; Toronto is no exception.  In Toronto the Fashion fun starts this week and this is my first review for the season. Yay! I am familiar with Laura Siegel but have never reviewed any of her collections.  So here we go….

Laura Siegel’s Spring/Summer collection takes me to the Australian outback where cacti and lizards roam.  This collection is for the girl with a bohemian style that likes to mix the ruggedness that is suede with the lightness of linen. The accessories were completely complimentary in that they completely finished each look.  Wide-brimmed hats were perfectly paired and felt appropriate for this sun-loving collection. Along with long necklaces and layered scarves perfect for keeping sand out of the eyes. Her colour palette was muted with sea-foam greens, tans, taupes, and pale blues.  Perfect for blending into the landscape. This whole collection could comfortably be packed for a weekend in the Outback.  Check out the photos below.

Photos courtesy of Marian Njoh for Opique

What’s Alexxuss doing?~~Maximillian Model Management Model search

So here’s a quick post for yall to give you the heads up on what I’m up too.  (yeah I know you wanna know).  So one of the opportunities that I’ve been presented with is hosting a model search.  The model search will be taking place this weekend December 18.  A few notes before I give you guys all the details there is a demand for East Indian or West Indian models as well as for plus size models.  Plus size meaning a size 10 to size 16 so if  you know any girls who thought that they can’t get work because of their heritage or because they are on the fluffy side tell em I’m looking for em.  Details below…


Maximillian Model Management Model Search on Dec. 18th 2010.
Happening at Salt & Pepper 82 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON. From: 10am-5pm.
Women: 13-23
Height: 5’9” +
Men: ages 16-27
…Height: 6” +
All models under the age of 18 Must be present with a legal guardian. No exceptions!
All models Must be wearing a blue shirt for the audition. This is in cooperation with Canada’s Anti-Bullying Day, on Dec. 17th. 

Maximillian is a boutique modeling agency located in downtown Toronto. Their models have booked shows for LG Fashion Week, Elle Canada Fashion Shows, and FAT fashion shows, to name a few. If you wish to save a spot, you may pre-register on their FB page Maximillian Model Management under events, or by replying to their Discussion Post “Become a Model”.Follow them on Twitter and/or join their FB page!  Twitter: Maximillianmgmt  Come and show us what you’ve got!!!

I hope to see all of you aspiring models there!

Check out pics of  Phillenne,  Maximillian model who opened the Baby Steinberg show at LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011. 


For more information on Maximillian check out their website

What’s Alexxuss doing?~~P&G Beauty Awards 2010

On November 11, 2010 I will be covering the P&G Beauty Awards, I’m super excited about this.  So yeah, what the heck are they?  Up until recently I didn’t know they existed either, since Fashion week I’ve been looking for other fashion events to cover, (building up the resume you know…) and in my travels I’ve discovered quite a few, sadly most of them had already passed.  Who starts a blog in the middle of the Fashion calendar anyway? Because I did start my blog in the middle of the calendar I did miss out on quite a few awesome events that happen in Toronto but not this one. 

The Awards

The P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards  were first held in 2009 and are in their second year.   The awards were created by P&G Beauty and Grooming to recognize the contribution to fashion editorial content by Canadian editors, photographers, models, makeup artists, and  hairstylists. 

The Awards have 13 categories, and when the announcement was made that the awards were accepting nominations,  they received 220 submissions.  The Categories are:

  1. Best Magazine Cover
  2. Best Beauty Editor of a Magazine
  3. Best Beauty Feature of a Magazine or Newspaper
  4. Best Fashion Editor of a Magazine
  5. Best Fashion Feature of a Magazine or Newspaper
  6. Best Fashion or Beauty Blog
  7. Best Male Fashion Feature
  8. Best Male Grooming Feature
  9. Best Fashion or Beauty Website
  10. Best New Face
  11. Photographer of the Year
  12. Hair Stylist of the Year
  13. Make-up Artist of the Year

What I love about these awards is the fact that they recognize  the same people I’m always talking about!  They fit the focus of my blog to a T. 

Well this year the awards have called in Hollywood royalty to host the event.  None other than The Grammy Award® and Golden Globe Award® winning singer, actress and COVERGIRL spokesmodel Queen Latifah.  The Queen will be holding court for us lucky enough to be her subjects for the night.  All Hail the Queen!

My goal in covering the event that night is to talk to a few of the winners if not all of them.  Get some photos of the event and of course have fun!

I will update yall on what went down and who the winners were the next day…pinky swear!


The Venue

The awards ceremony will be taking place at one of Toronto’s most historic venues, (clearly I’m all about the production so naturally I would mention the venue) Just saying…The Carlu.  The Carlu has been one of the venues in the city that I have really wanted to see for myself, and well unless you’re at society events all the time (much unlike myself) then you don’t have these opportunities everyday, and I can’t wait to see if the pictures do it justice.  Check it out

To learn more about the P&G Beauty Awards visit their site

Now is when the real drama begins, I have no idea what to wear! Insert crying icon here!

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