LG Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2012~~VAWK

Do you know who Sunny Fong is?…I’ll wait…No? Where have you been living, under a rock? Certainly not a fashionable rock in any case.  Well let me educate you since you insist on being ignorant, he is the designer behind the label VAWK der…hence the title of the post! Beyond that he was also the winner of Project Runway Canada and he had an awesome reception this season at LG Toronto Fashion Week. 

This is the second VAWK collection that I have seen and one of the things that I noticed about his show was that he was the only designer to use models that were not “typical” he had a plus size and a senior model on his runway and this season he brought them back; much to the appreciation of the crowd.  I’m not going to lie the plus size model was working her dress.  It looked great on her, just more proof that VAWK can be worn by many types of women.  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…His collection started with beautiful flowing dresses in what appeared to be chiffon embellished with gold applique.  I was so taken aback I was supposed to be tweeting and I totally spaced, I was completely caught up in the clothes.  I find that happens to me when a collection is unexpected or I’m just in thrall…this was the latter! I was also in LOVE with the swim wear, uh of course you would have to be or have a models body to wear one, but dang, they were HOT!

Check out the pics and tell me what you think! 

Photos courtesy of P Ross for Opique.com


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