LG Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 Day 3~~Attitude Runway Show Pics

As promised I dedicated a whole post to the Attitude by Jay Manuel show.  Just in case you didn’t know this collection was styled by June Ambrose herself, so you know it’s going to be in the words of the Diva herself Haute!

Photos are courtesy of Paul Ross of Opique.com  Enjoy!

So did I lie about the collection?  I had to give you guys the distant shot and the close up so you can catch the fever that these models were giving off on the runway.  Hands down the best walked show of the week!  There is still day 4 and 5 coverage to come so check back here in a few.


What’s Alexxuss Doing?~~Two Girls in Fashion Update!

The last few months have been incredibly busy for us and we are so excited to keep bringing you updates on what we are doing.  On March 14th we launched twogirlsinfashion.com and just this past Monday March 28th we premiered the first webisode for TGIF TV.  

The first webisode is all about our Sway magazine “On the Verge” story that we directed for the “People with Sway” section of the magazine.  I haven’t been able to post some behind the scenes pics yet but that is just what this post is for.  So to compliment the webisode and to prepare you for the magazine to hit stands check out some of the on set pics. 

Big thank you’s to A-game, Regular Robb, DBS studios, my co-host and co-director Renee Thompson, Dj Lissa Monet, make-up artist extraordinaire Asha Emanuel and our wardrobe stylist who works miracles Donovan Whyte.  Last but certainly not least our amazing photographer Kwaku Kufuor.  Also thanks to Darcy Hoover, Chelsea and Anastasia. 

 Enjoy the pictures!

What’s Alexxuss Doing~~Sway Magazine “On the Verge” Shoot

It’s a totally excititng time right now, its also frustrating, challenging, mind numbing and exasperating…ah such is the life of a director. So this is the part where your wondering what’s so exasperating, challenging, blah, blah, blah.  It’s this;  I’m co-directing a photoshoot with my lovely co-director Renee Thompson.  So what does that mean?  That means that we have come up with a photo story and pitched it to a magazine, they loved it and now we are in execution mode, meaning pulling together the team to bring the creative story to life.  Oh yeah the magazine is Sway.  You know,  the premiere black magazine in Canada.  It’s been awesome but also crazy at the same time. 

As a director there are tons of elements that you have to consider before going forward.  You have to think budgets and subject matter, and photographer and wardrobe stylists and make up artists.  You have to make sure that it will all work together.  I honestly don’t know how people who don’t have previous project management experience pull this off all of the time;  because even with my experience it is still nerve wracking.  Right now we are past the point of casting and pulling together the team.  We have a great group of people working with us and we are super excited to do the shoot which is coming up soon. 

So who’s it gonna be, our photographer is Kwaku A Kufuor, fashion stylist Michelle Lyte and make up artist Roxanne DeNobrega.  The photos will appear in the people with Sway section of the magazine and will feature A-Game, Regular Robb, Lissa Monet, and DBS studios.  

In prepartion for the shoot we needed to get everyone together to have their measurements taken and to discuss looks as well as  inspiration for lighting and shot composition.  Overall it was a great day, check out the pics from that day and stay tuned to see the pics from behind the scenes at the shoot!

Photos are by our amazing photographer Kwaku Kufuor.

Out of The Box Interview–Elite Model Renee Thompson


In 2008 I sat on the couch well actually laid, and watched the replay of fashion shows happening during LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009 collections and the collection that was coming down the runway was for Bustle.  Having never seen a collection from the team before, I didn’t know what to expect but as the first model came down the runway it was apparent that this was a menswear collection a nice change.  From the moment that I discovered that the shows were being replayed for two to three hours daily that week I was glued to my tv everyday  to watch.  It literally became apart of my daily routine and being production oriented like I am of course I was noticing what each designer had been doing for each of their collections.  As the first model came down the runway for this collection I was immediately paying closer attention.  There was a more elaborate production element to this show.  If your familiar with this collection you know that the models were primarily men and as I continued to watch the show noticing the well cut lines and colour palate used I didn’t think that anything unexpected would happen but then out struts this gorgeous female model dressed head to toe in men’s wear, stompin her way down the runway;  and she rocked the hell out her outfit, she owned it, she show cased the clothes for the photographers in the gallery and stomped it back up the runway, that was the first time that I saw Renee Thompson in all her runway glory.

Fast Forward two years later to LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011  and the shows are no longer a spectator sport for me.  I’m covering fashion week for my blog and looking to get some interviews and some of the backstage action.  So on day two I head backstage to see what my little eyes can see.  Who do I run into right as I walk through the curtain Ms. Thompson herself sitting for hair and makeup for the Rachel Mara show.  (This may not seem too amazing to you but I had to gather myself), why you ask;  because moments earlier I was speaking to John Headley my photographer who got me all my end of runway shots;  and he had asked me if I had an opportunity to speak to her yet,  I said “no, but I’m heading backstage to see if she is getting ready for another show”…I walk in and there she is sitting right in front of the door way, what’s even more striking is she spoke first, more background (I am 5’11 and that day I was wearing 5” OTK black leather boots, so sitting down, it looks like these leather clad legs are coming for you)…She says “I’m wondering who this is with these bad boots on”, and I say “ha just who I was looking for”  the rest is as they say history…

I’ve had some time to sit and talk with Renee, and her story is an amazing one and my interview really doesn’t do it justice, but it’s great for what it is; an opportunity to learn a little bit more about an extraordinary person (as I have come to find out)…yall should get to know her too read on…Ms. Thompson in her own words!

How did you become a Model?

I was discovered by Elmer Olsen in 1999 at an Elite Model search contest in Oakville.  (This would obviously be prior to Elmer opening his own agency)

Who is your style icon?

Shelia E.  She made being Andro (short for Androgynous) cool; she did boy things while still looking like a girl.  She played the drums, and she was the first woman to wear metallic pants like guys and the David Bowie inspired jackets.

Who is your Modeling icon?

Pat Cleveland.  She had a unique walk and never walked in order.  I had the opportunity to work with her during a Gattioni show in 2007 where the designer decided to present his collection and feature all Black models.  The theme being divas of the past and present.  So it was like, Roshumba, Yasmin, Pat Cleveland, Ange, myself, Omahyra Mota, can’t remember any more.  I was the only rookie girl there so I didn’t talk to them but I was like woow these woman are supermodels it was kinda trippy


Favourite item of clothing?

My Mango leather jacket.  I bought it in South Africa for a retarded amount of money but I wanted it, and I love it.

What’s in your model bag?

 A dark pair and a light pair of 6” stilettos, you never know what you’re going to wear and black doesn’t go with everything.  Mineral fusion concealer and face powder, I have sensitive skin and acne so I gotta cover that up.  My IPod, Spite lip glass from M.A.C I’ve been wearing since I was 14 and I refuse to deviate!

Favourite Designer?

Andy The-anh and Giorgio Armani, because his Ready to Wear 2007 collection was the most gorgeous collection I’ve ever seen.  There were 50 girls 102 outfits, it was Berets and tiered dresses and I swear the runway was like 200 ft it was exhausting.  The spare shoes!  Over 200 hundred pairs of extra shoes.  He also had spider woven wide brim hats and they had the make-up artists do a shadow on our faces so it appeared on the runway as if the hat was causing the shadow.  Of course there was no way the hat could cause the shadow because they were see -through.

Fall/winter or Spring/Summer?

Fall/Winter because I don’t break out in the winter.

How would you describe your personal style?

By day as comfortable as possible and at night anything less and I would be a stripper I mean….that’s what they do in New York…LOL

Favourite trend for this season?

Rain boots and big long wool coats, we are going back to warmth over style, you can wear them open if it’s not that cold but bundle them up when it is.

Favourite experience favourite person you’ve met?

Ellen DeGeneres, I went to the Richie Rich show(one half of design duo Heatherette) to see my girl walk, so I get back stage and I see Richie sitting for hair and make-up so I walk over and I was like I have a bone to pick with you.  He was like what tell me, so I say I have been casting for your show for years and your bogus production team has never picked me.  He immediately starts calling for wardrobe and makeup and hair to put me in the show.  I’m like ummm okay, so off I go whisked away to walk in this show.  So Richie always has celebrities in his shows. His show is more of a production than anything else it’s a show more than a fashion show.  So I’m dressed and in the line-up and I see Ellen and as I’m getting closer and closer I’m freaking out a lil more cause she’s right there in front of me.  So I finally work up the nerve when I’m right there and say you’re @#$%^ awesome and she says no you’re @#$% awesome and I was like OMG you just said the F word!  (She’s ballsy no?)

Renee on The Runway…

That conludes my interview with Renee, I hope you enjoyed it and got to learn a lil something about this ambitious young lady.

To contact Renee through her agency email: matti@elitemodel.com

On facebook: Renee Thompson

LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer collections Final day 4!

It took me all day to start this post, and my psych 101 isn’t kicking in but I’m thinking it’s because then I would have to admit that it’s over!  (BBM Crying face….ahhhhh),  okay I’m better now!  Soo what can I say about day four that hasn’t already been said about the previous three days?  There aren’t words enough to describe it all.  Day four started just like the last  few had,  I got up wrote my post,  published it and then tried yet again to figure out what I was going to wear.  Except,  that day would be the last day that I made my way to Heritage Court.  Even though I knew that eventually it would have to come to an end;  for my first Fashion Week it was such a wildly unbelievable experience.  If I could exist in a world where everyone  was so creative and energtic all day everyday I could permenently ride this wave of fabulousness. (sigh) ok down to business….






Backstage Beauty….Denis Gagnon






Around the venue…


Denis Gagnon post show interview

Denis Gagnon post show interview!

Elmer Olsen and two of his models post Amanda Lew Kee show

Eve Ford model who opened and closed the Denis Gagnon show

The baddest boots I saw all week of course I had to take a picture!

Backstage models posing with Amanda Lew Kee after her show


More backstage beauty… Dare to Wear Love Show

So for those of you who don’t know this show was a little different.  As you can see in the pics below it wasn’t just conventional models walking in this show.  TV Personality Dina Pugliese, as well as Kesha Chante, and the adorable Ginger haired boy were all sitting to have their hair and make-up done so they could walk.  All proceeds for this show which you had to purchase special tickets for went to The Stephen Lewis Foundation in support of HIV/AIDS research in Africa. 



The Shows…Seat shots Amanada Lew Kee (Runway pics coming)


Celebrity sightings…

Kesha Chante doing a quick interview before she walked in the Dare to Wear Love Gala

Me and Dina Pugliese backstage before the Dare to Wear Love show.

Renee Thompson NAM model and I backstage right before she walked for Brian Bailey

Me and Rosie Edeh from ET Canada (I missed this shot a few days ago)

Well readers that wraps my full days coverage of  LG Toronto Fashion Week.  It was as I said the best experience and I totally look forward to doing it again in the Spring…..I’ve got some great things for you coming up in the future so keep reading!  I will be doing a few post fashion week posts including an all picture post featuring end of runway shots from all of the shows! 

Thanks for reading…

LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring Summer Collections Day 3

I can’t get enough of it, I was going through photos last night after yet another fantastic day and I thought to my self I’m tired and my feet are swollen but what the heck am I gonna do with myself when this ends.  That’s usually how I get when I’m really busy working on something I love.  I love it so much I don’t want it to be over. 

Well today’s the last day and I am getting ready to do it all over again but before I move onto today let me show yall what happened yesterday.  I saw two shows yesterday, Lauren Bagliore for which I was blessed enough to be sitting front row for and Romona Keveza.  I went down to Heritage court expecting to see the Evan Blidell show too only to discover that it was some sort of projected presentation instead of a real show.  Can we say boo hoo, I was so disappointed;  Evan is one of my favourite Canadian designers and one of the shows I was really looking forward to seeing.  Though Evan was some what of a disappointment Romona Keveza was not!  I was speechless after her show, shocked and stunned into silence, a hot stuttering mess when I was trying to describe what I felt about the show I just saw!  Here’s the catch my photographers memory card died on him before the final walk.  (BBM crying face),  but we got some great shots of the first section so I am posting those for

yall today. 

As we continue…



While sitting at the Lauren Bagliore my girlfriend gets a text message from Backstage Life alumni, Judy inc stylist, Ryan Catney; who spotted us in the front row.  It’s always great seeing Ryan who brought along another Judy inc stylist;  and since she had the opportunity to work backstage on another of the collections coming down the runway; I put her on the spot and asked her the same questions I’ve had everybody answering this week.  Meet Nadia Pizzimenti Judy inc stylist!

 Favourite Canadian Supermodel?

Ans: Daria

Favourite Canadian designer? 

Ans: Micheal Kale

Favourite Canadian personality?

Tommy Ton (fashion blogger/ photographer)

Canadian designer most excited to see this week?

Ans: Greta Constantine

Cutie Ryan Catney and Nadia Pizzimenti Judy inc stylists



Backstage Beauty Romona Keveza…


The inspiration for hair and makeup for the Romona Keveza show was Audrey Hepburn!  Classic, uncomplicated and elegant!  The last shot is of Eddie he is the lead make-up and hair stylist for L’Oreal.  He has the most thick and lovely French accent!


Shots from around the Venue…

Model mates, Georgette Simms and fresh off the Baby Steinberg runway Philene!  Both represented by Maxamillion

Baby Steinberg designed dress for LG Toronto Fashion Week


The Shows…

Brandon Dwyer for Basch

Romona Keveza…

(Runway photos courtesy of John Headly)


Celebrity sightings…


Me and the super stylish Glen Baxter

Me and world-class fashion stylist Philip Bloch

Me and the hands down star of  LG Toronto Fashion Week Renee Thompson

That concludes day three…..

Time to get dressed…

LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collections day 2

I can only sum up yesterday in one word GREAT! Seriously there needs to be another word to describe the kind of day I had!  Amazing does come to mind, so does exceptional, fantastic….I could go on and on but I won’t! 

Yesterday was day two for me of LG Toronto Fashion Week  and I was at Heritage Court to see three more shows.  Attitude by Sears, Rachel Mara, and Joe Fresh.  When I arrived at the venue I could tell that there was a distinct difference in the crowd than there was the day before; why, because the celebrities and personalities were out in full force.  

I made it my mission to be backstage to get makeup and hair looks for the Rachel Mara show.  I couldn’t do it yesterday because my camera was dead!  So right after the Attitude show I shimmied my behind backstage;  I got some fun interviews and exclusive backstage video of model Renee Thompson doing a stomp off with Sheena from MTV News it was too HOT and one of those moments that you wish you were there to witness.  

Also, yesterday I had to follow some super fashion week advice,  bring a pair of flat shoes!  I was rocking 5″ OTK leather boots that had my feet asking why I hated them so much so my peep toe Nine West kitten heels came to the rescue!     Ahh tis the price we pay! 

Lets’ Go….


I think for those of you who have been reading my blog from the beginning you know that my blog is about interviewing people and finding out what they are like and what they do like.  Soooo of course I thought up a few questions that  would work in a short conversation.  Here they are, and here are just some of the people I’ve had the great pleasure of talking to and finding out a little more about.

  1. Who is your favourite Canadian Supermodel?
  2. Favourite Canadian designer?
  3. Most stylish Canadian personality?
  4. Canadian fashion designer most excited to see this week?



Kassandra on the left and Grace on the right fresh off the Pink Tartan runway both girls are represented by Elmer Olsen here are their responses!

K: Yasmin Warsame G: Daria Werbowy

K: Nada G: Pink Tartan and Greta Constantine

K:Elmer Olsen G: I have no idea, I can’t think of any

K: Pink Tartan G: Joe Fresh


Both ladies on the runway for the Pink Tartan show (Photos courtesy of John Headley)

Fashion bloggers Charlotte in the middle and Carla on the end. These lovely young ladies represent Go Time PR and Events.  Blogging is something that they just love but PR is their passion. Here’s how they answered the questions.

Ch: Stacey Mackenzie C: Coco Rocha

Ch: Joe Mimram and Jessica Biffy C: Evan Blidell and Lucian Matis

Ch: Jeanne Becker C: Laureen Harper (Stephen’s wife)

Ch: Pink Tartan C: Brendan Dwyer

I was lucky enough to catch rising Supermodel Renee Thompson backstage while she was getting ready to walk in her next show (Rachel Mara) and she was gracious enough to answer my questions. 

Renee: Daria Werbwoy

Renee: Andy The-Anh

Renee: Suzanne Boyd and Derrick Chetty

Renee: Line Knitwear

Renee stomping it out for Line Knitwear on Tuesday night…

(Photo courtesy of John Headley)



Celebrity sightings…

Me and Adrian Mainella from Style File

Me and Ken!…sooo  hot! (uhhhhh yeah he’s a celebrity….he looks great for over 50 huh)

Melinda Shankar from Degrassi the next generation



Byron Parker on the left Adriano Belli in the middle and Willie Pile on the right from the Toronto Argo’s.  Me Byron and Willie isn’t Adriano a great photog (might wanna think of a second career)…..I kid I joke

Me and Shane West (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, A walk to Remember and currently starring in Nikita)



The shows…

As I said earlier I saw three shows yesterday Attitude by Sears, Rachel Mara and Joe Fresh.  Rachel Mara was my fav for the day,  even though Joe Fresh did not disappoint and their great price points makes it easy for everybody to be fashionable whether you’re a big budget Fashionista or a Recssionista there is something for everyone.  But right now I’m going to focus on Rachel Mara.


Back stage beauty…







The Collection…



(Photos courtesy of John Headley)



So that concludes day two for me of LG Toronto Fashion Week and I’m off to do it all over again!

Singing Black eyed Peas in my head, scrap in my head out loud…..I gotta feeling….whoo hoo…..

Off to get dressed…