What’s Alexxuss Doing?~~P&G Beauty Awards Hosted by Queen Latifah

At this very moment I’m sitting in front of the computer wanting to throw it clean out the window.  I’m not impressed to say the least, suddenly my fabulous piece of technology wants to have Internet Connectivity issues why now? Doesn’t this thing know I have a post to write?  For Pete’s sake!

Thursday November 11 2010 marked the date  for the second annual P&G beauty awards.  The awards were created by Proctor and Gamble beauty and grooming to recognize the contributions of individuals in the fashion industry to editorial content.   I was blessed enough to be in attendance to witness the final nominees receiving their awards and it was a great experience.   The awards were hosted by Queen Latifah and had a slew of hip and funny presenters from the Fashion world as well as from sports, music, and T.V.

I arrived in time to get a glass of wine from the open bar (score one for P&G), head to the ladies room real quick and then get seated for the awards ceremony.  When I was doing my research on the event I found that it”s focus was great and was specific to the types of people who my blog talks about but I still didn’t know what to expect until Queen came out completed her introduction and then announced the first presenter.   Not to mention I also follow some of Canadian Fashions’ most fab on twitter and they were all tweeting about the awards; which is when I realized that everybody who’s anybody was in the same room as I was.  Very cool!  Some of the presenters were Aaliyah Jasmin from MTV News, Joeffer Caoc, Jully Black, Jeanne Becker, and Glen Baxter.  Just to name a few, Jully Black did an awesome job and was definitely the best presenter for the evening, allowing her personality to shine through she had everyone in the audience laughing out loud and even had Queen Latifah trying to contain herself on stage.  The ceremony was entertaining but not long and flowed nicely; with lots’ of cheering from those there to support the winners and nominees. 

Queen Latifah opening the show

Queen Latifah opeing the show


I managed to get pics of some of the winners some of the attendees and presenters and recorded all of the winners in each category.  While everyone else was sitting watching the stage with their undivided attention I was watching the screen thumbs hovering over my key board waiting for the next category and winners names to be announced.  At times I had to tell myself to pay attention as I was missing it.  (alas tis my job)…




And the winners are:

Best Fashion Feature Magazine or Newspaper English;  Nathalie Atkinson (The National Post)

Best Fashion Feature Magazine or Newspaper French; Jean Francois Legare (Enroute Magazine) “Fil Conducteur”

Best Beauty Feature Magazine or Newspaper English; Vanessa Craft “More Beauty in a Hot Flash”

Best Beauty Feature Magazine or Newspaper French; Sylvie Michelon “Voir Sortez Protegees”

Best Male Fashion Feature Magazine or Newspaper;  Dave Lackie (The National Post) “Get Un tied”

Best Beauty Editor of a Magazine; Carlene Higgins (Flare Magazine)

Best Fashion Editor of a Magazine; Elizabeth Cabral (Flare Magazine)

Best Male Grooming Feature Magazine or Newspaper English; Leo Petaccia “Sharp guide to grooming for everyday man”

Best Male Grooming Feature Magazine or Newspaper French; Christine Fortier (Clin D’Oeil) “Rire Dans Sa Barbe”

Best Beauty or Fashion Website; Lara Ceroni and Martina Djogo (ElleCanada.com/ElleQuebec.com)

Best Beauty or Fashion Blog English; Michelle Vilett (Beautyeditor.ca)

Best Beauty or Fashion Blog French; Lolitta Dandoy (Mode de Rue)(Clindoeil.ca)

Hairstylist of the Year; Justin German (Page One Management)

Make-up Artist of the year; Greg Wencel (Page One Management)

Photographer of the Year; Chris Nicholls

Best New Face; Frances Coombe (Elite Models)

Best Magazine Cover; Ilana Weitzman (En Route Magazine)

Event Pics:

For more information on the awards or to submit for next year check out their site http://www.pgbeautyandgroomingawards.ca/

What’s Alexxuss doing?~~P&G Beauty Awards 2010

On November 11, 2010 I will be covering the P&G Beauty Awards, I’m super excited about this.  So yeah, what the heck are they?  Up until recently I didn’t know they existed either, since Fashion week I’ve been looking for other fashion events to cover, (building up the resume you know…) and in my travels I’ve discovered quite a few, sadly most of them had already passed.  Who starts a blog in the middle of the Fashion calendar anyway? Because I did start my blog in the middle of the calendar I did miss out on quite a few awesome events that happen in Toronto but not this one. 

The Awards

The P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards  were first held in 2009 and are in their second year.   The awards were created by P&G Beauty and Grooming to recognize the contribution to fashion editorial content by Canadian editors, photographers, models, makeup artists, and  hairstylists. 

The Awards have 13 categories, and when the announcement was made that the awards were accepting nominations,  they received 220 submissions.  The Categories are:

  1. Best Magazine Cover
  2. Best Beauty Editor of a Magazine
  3. Best Beauty Feature of a Magazine or Newspaper
  4. Best Fashion Editor of a Magazine
  5. Best Fashion Feature of a Magazine or Newspaper
  6. Best Fashion or Beauty Blog
  7. Best Male Fashion Feature
  8. Best Male Grooming Feature
  9. Best Fashion or Beauty Website
  10. Best New Face
  11. Photographer of the Year
  12. Hair Stylist of the Year
  13. Make-up Artist of the Year

What I love about these awards is the fact that they recognize  the same people I’m always talking about!  They fit the focus of my blog to a T. 

Well this year the awards have called in Hollywood royalty to host the event.  None other than The Grammy Award® and Golden Globe Award® winning singer, actress and COVERGIRL spokesmodel Queen Latifah.  The Queen will be holding court for us lucky enough to be her subjects for the night.  All Hail the Queen!

My goal in covering the event that night is to talk to a few of the winners if not all of them.  Get some photos of the event and of course have fun!

I will update yall on what went down and who the winners were the next day…pinky swear!


The Venue

The awards ceremony will be taking place at one of Toronto’s most historic venues, (clearly I’m all about the production so naturally I would mention the venue) Just saying…The Carlu.  The Carlu has been one of the venues in the city that I have really wanted to see for myself, and well unless you’re at society events all the time (much unlike myself) then you don’t have these opportunities everyday, and I can’t wait to see if the pictures do it justice.  Check it out http://www.thecarlu.com

To learn more about the P&G Beauty Awards visit their site http://www.pgbeautyandgroomingawards.ca/

Now is when the real drama begins, I have no idea what to wear! Insert crying icon here!

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