Video~~Backstage Lights~~Roxanne DeNobrega


I first met Roxanne on the set of a calender shoot that I did for a hair salon based here in Toronto. She was the make up artist that day and she did a brilliant job on my skin, which is tricky to match to foundation at times but she had me looking like an actual model….(y’all know I don’t model)….

So when I ran into her again on a test shoot that I was visiting I had to take the opportunity to ask her about her trade.  In the midst of that conversation the subject of being an agency artist or remaining freelance came up and the following video is her response to that question. Hope you enjoy!

Roxanne DeNobrega on Agency vs. Freelance in her own words…


Out of the Box Coverage~~Canadian Girls in Pictures~~Naro Lokuruka for Flare Magazine


I started my Canadian Girls in pictures feature right after I saw this spread of Naro in Flare.  It dawned on me that a lot of the girls we have here have great lucrative careers and get great exposure from the work that they do, but does the general public (Canadian) know that? Probably not…too busy watching Keeping up with the Kardashians… (guilty as charged).

I’ve seen Naro season after season walking the runway at Toronto Fashion Week (I will use the new name when the new season starts thank you) but had never seen her in an editorial til this one and I must say not only can she walk but she photographs like an ebony doll! Check out the rest of her pics below!

Oh and yes I realize these pics are hella late but meh…I march to the beat of my own drum!

Naro for Flare Magazine September 2011…Enjoy!

Photographed by Chris Nicholls


Backstage Lights Update~~It’s Been Done Stylists

Hey Lifers,  it’s been a month since my last post, obviously it took me  longer than everybody else to escape my turkey coma.  Negative, that wasn’t it at all I spent the majority of January planning for the rest of the year and attending birthday parties ( I know an obscene amount of people  born in January).  In any case it was a very interesting month!  So what better way to start my blogging year than with an update on the dynamic styling team that I started my blog with; It’s Been Done Stylists.  I caught up with them on the set of their promotional photo shoot for an event they are doing in NY for fashion week this month.  You remember them… I know you do, if your new to my blog just jump over to the Backstage Lights category and scroll down you will come across the first interview that I did with them.   2010 was a great year for the team of Sheronna and Janielle and they are poised to make 2011 even greater, so let’s catch up with them It’s Been Done…

 Sum up 2010 in a few words.  What was the most memorable moment from last year? 

Inspiring, challenging, the year of preparation. Our most memorable moment in 2010 would be styling our first rock video “Diamond on a Landmine” for sensational Canadian Rock group Billy Talent. We had a chance to showcase our true creativity in a tribal scene, which was filmed in a cement pit. What was even more memorable was seeing the video play over and over again on TV and recognizing all of the hard work we put in.  Seeing the finished product was one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. Also in 2010 we were offered our own fashion channel with ovntv.  It’s those moments that make us keep striving for excellence.   

What is the plan for It’s been done in 2011?

World Domination…lol..But to be real..we have a lot planned this year. IBD will be everywhere sharing our talents with the world along with inviting you to our fashion events. Our channel will also be running in a few months so that is something to keep our audience on their toes and of course we will continue pumping out more photo shoots for your viewing pleasure. We have received so much love and support and we just want to be able to give back what we get.  

 What would be your dream job?

Janielle-My dream job would be owning an artists agency, which would
consist of, photographers, stylists, make up artists and hair stylists. I also want to produce presentations to display pieces from well-known designers and up and coming designers. Sheronna and I have been blessed to connect with people not only in fashion but also in music. Having a client come to my agency as a one stop shop..could save a lot of time not to mention keep the client coming back

Sheronna– My dream job…inconjunction with having a successful agency I want to be the effortlessly styled actress who dresses herself for red carpet events and who has a thriving design house of her own! Some may think my dreams are far-fetched but hunni this is my reality (the world just doesn’t know it yet! Lol)

What has been the most interesting thing that has happened since we last met in April of 2010?

Janielle- IBD in NYC.I find it very interesting that we have taken such a risk to do an event with no experience at all..But we have managed to pull all the right strings together. I guess we can add Event Coordinators to our resume

Sheronna- Modeling in and having full control over the creative direction of the IBD creative shoots has definitely been fun and interesting. We continue to push our creative limits while using ourselves as the canvas and,  yes the idea of planning full-out fashion events and building everything from ground up has been amazing!


Tell me about the event happening in New York for fashion week?

Our event is happening on Feb 16th and it’s called “L’hors du L’ordinaire” which means out of the ordinary which is the best way to describe the talent of Its Been Done Stylists. With fashion moving in cycles and seasons it is always the IBD goal to continuously add twists and tweaks to today’s trends; pulling a bit from the future and keeping a dash of the past! Hailing from such a diverse city as Toronto its always important for us to stay true to our multiculturalism which is why the name of our event is in our second tongue; French. We have always been known for our influence and originality among our peers and now we want to bring forth our own twist on today’s traditional fashion event. Considered more as a fashion experience we invite guests for a more intimate view of fashion and style through IBD eyes; those eyes happen to be covered in vintage frames of course!  

Keep your eye on these two über fashionable ladies, I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of them!

Check out Its been Done online at on facebook janielle Itsbeendone and Sheronna Osbourne on twitter @IBDsheronna and @itsbeendone

Backstage Lights–Make-up Artist Asha Emmanuel


So if you haven’t figured it out by now there is always a story behind how I met each person that I interview, and well clearly I’m not going to break with tradition.         

 I was first became aware of Asha when I started my facebook group for my creative direction company; she posted a greeting on the groups wall introducing herself and letting me know that she was a Make Up artist for hire.  Helps considering that I am always looking for people in the industry to work with and also because that is the purpose of the group.    

So some time passed and I had a couple of projects come up and I needed a MUA and I reached out to Asha, timing was all off so we never got the opportunity to work together, but then I started the blog and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to meet her, and find out some more about her aesthetic.          

 I’m sure you’ll find this interview interesting and fun, Asha is the first Make-Up artist that I’ve interviewed so everything I’ve asked in the past is now coming from a slightly more artistic perspective, which I love.  Read on and get to know Asha Emmanuel.        

Asha Emmanuel

 The first question always is the same.       

How did you become a Make-Up artist?       

 Asha: When I think about it I was always into make-up.  I’ve always wanted to know how to do it properly.  When I was living in New York I was riding the subway and I spotted an ad for Kevyn Aucoin book Face Forward  I saw the picture on the front of the book and I said to myself is that what make-up can do?  I just wanted to know more.  Also in high-school I was always into art, this is just art in a different way. P.s. I ended up getting all of Kevyn’s books.       

Favourite fashion saying?    

Asha: Don’t over do it.  Keep it simple and don’t over think it.      

 Favourite Make-up Artist?       

 Asha: Kevyn Aucoin.  Also there is a make-up artist that is not that well-known but she does her thing.  She’s based in Toronto and her name is Elle St. Aubyn she’s really talented and knows her stuff.       

 Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter?       

 Asha: Spring/Summer I like bright colours and your free to experiment more.  I even feel that the work I do gets more exciting in the spring and summer.  In Fall and Winter your more restricted with colour.       

 Favourite tool in your kit?       

 Asha: My big fat powder brush (MAC 134) and my little bottle of blistex.  I use it to prep the lips and it just makes things so easy.        

Kay pee right after finishing her set up

Intermission:  So when I went to meet Asha and see her work in live  and living colour she was working her magic on the set of Don Von Jovi’s music video for “Bring the 80’s back”. Check the Gallery below for some still shots of her and her handi-work on set that day.       

 disclaimer: I discovered after I arrived on set that I forgot my camera.  So I improvised and used my camera phone.  The camera is not the greatest but you get the picture!       

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.   


Why is Make-up relevant or important to the Fashion industry or just as a whole?      

 Asha: It finishes the look.  Everything can’t be smooth and the face be rough.  Allot of the time people look directly at a person’s face before they even notice what the person is wearing.  Make-up is transformation.       

 How would you define your own personal style?      

 Asha: NY Manhattan, clean, sophisticated and classic.  I wear simple clothing and I add focal point pieces. I keep my make-up as natural as possible  and I like to keep it fresh.      

 Who is your make-up style icon/person’s make-up that you absolutely love?      

 Asha: Nicki Minaj is killing me right now.  I don’t know who her make-up artist is but they are doing an amazing job.  As well as Beyonce, the video where she’s a 50’s house wife kinda pin-up style make-up I love it.  Along with Keyshia Cole.      

 What product do you have in your kit that you’ve always used and are never getting rid of?      

 Asha: My MAC NW45.  I’ve been using it for years I’m NW45 in the winter and NW43 in the summer.  It’s a staple in my kit.      

 Name a look that you wish they would bring back?      

 Asha: Old-school 50’s pin-up look.  With the bright Red lipstick contoured cheek and thin black liner on the eyes.  It’s so me, very girly and pretty but simple.      

 So tell me about some of your experience as a Make-up artist, who have been some of your favourite clients to work with?      

 Asha: I did the Beenie Man video, “Gimme Gimme” the set was just such a cool family vibe.  Allot of what you see in the public with these artists is not actually how they are.   Sean Pauls’ video “Hold my hand” was fun. I’ve worked on the Scotiabank Caribana magazine shoots which I loved because I got to let my creative side out.  My very first music video was an artist named two fingers from the UK that was the first time that I had worked with director Lil X and that experience gave me the confidence I needed to know that I could do this.      

That was my interview with Asha you can  see her work featured on the cover of this years Scotiabank Caribana magazine.  I also had the pleasure of running into her at Drake’s MMVA after party, she was there partying with Katy Perry, you know this girl’s star is rising!  

 Asha can be reached on facebook under Asha Emannuel and by email

 (Photos courtesy of Asha Emmanuel.)