Chanel No 5 Commercial~Featuring Brad Pitt


There is only one reason I am writing a post about this Chanel No 5 commerical and that is Brad Pitt.  If you know me you know that I have had a deep abiding love for this man since I saw Interview with a Vampire in high school. (I am remarkably well preserved) Ha! It deepened into an all consuming desire when I saw Legends of the Fall.  Frankly I’ve not stopped loving him since! So here is Brad in all his “I’m getting older and finer” glory for Chanel No 5.  Both parts of the film! Thank me later!


Out of the box coverage ~~Canadian Girls in Pictures ~~Daria Werbowy


When I started LG Toronto Fashion Week coverage one of the things that I did was ask questions of the fashion crowd in attendance. One of the questions I asked of my captives was “Who is your favourite Canadian Model?” If you stopped and scratched your head and could not come up with a name…shame on you!

If you immediately shouted Coco Rocha….I won’t say “shame on you”, I will say “aint’ she everybody’s favourite?”  Well actually,  finger tapping lips…she isn’t,  almost everybody I interviewed; models included said Daria Werbwoy.

It is no stretch of the imagination as to why that would be, she’s tall, (I guess that goes without saying)  athletic and really down to earth. Featured below in Vogue Paris’ upcoming February issue she photographs stunningly.

Check out the pics below…Daria for Paris Vogue on the February 2012 cover!

Photographed by Inez and Vinoodh and styled by Emmanuelle Alt

Photos courtesy


Backstage Lights~~Kell on Earth, The Rachel Zoe project, House of Glam

Now everybody who know me knows that I’m a t.v junkie.  You can’t hold any kind of conversation with me, you can’t ask me any questions you just gotta give me room so I can continue to be completely distracted by what ever I happen to be devoting my complete attention to.  Some of my friends have figured out a way to talk to me while I’m lost in t.v land… watch the show with me.  We can blissfully sit in silence while we watch the show and talk only during the commercials or respond to comments that I am making to the t.v.  seems fair, no?  Oh screw yall I am who I am.  LOL 

Conclusion Nicole likes t.v no big deal right?  It is when you consider what is available to watch, and fashion related t.v. programming has become a huge part of my t.v. repertoire.  Of course I have my staples like Fashion TV and In Fashion and Fashion File. But now with the advent of reality t.v we can watch, listen to and learn about the industry from those people who are living it every day. This is honestly the best time in history to be a fan of fashion. For my dose of fashion reality I have my three go to shows: Kell on Earth starring the lovable Kelly Cutrone, The Rachel Zoe Project starring the uber-chic Rachel Zoe and last but certainly not least House of Glam starring the artists represented by the BLynn Group.  

Fashion t.v. at it’s finest…

Kell on Earth follows owner and Fashion PR guru Kelly Cutrone as she navigates her way through the fashion industry.  Giving us an unadulterated look into her world we see she works with and who she works for, as well as how everybody at her Fashion PR company People’s Revolution copes with the insanity that is Fashion in New York City. 

We first met Kelly as the bane of Lauren Conrad’s existence on an episode of The Hills where Lauren is trying to secure tickets for Lisa the EIC at Teen Vogue at a fashion show.  That scene offered us just a taste of what Kelly was about; we see her again on The Hills when Whitney Port leaves her internship at Teen Vogue and is hired at People’s Revolution in L.A.   I think it’s safe to say that once Kelly hit the screen it was all about her.  I was overwhelmed by the fact that Kelly’s role even existed in the world;  prior to this show I had no idea that you could actually make money doing the things that Kelly did, but boy am I grateful that she signed on and I’m sure there are thousands of people out there who are just like me. 


You can catch Kell on Earth on Bravo Monday nights at 10pm. Canadian kids with Rogers can catch it Monday’s at 9pm on Cosmo TV.  For more information on the show visit

What can be said about Rachel Zoe that hasn’t already been said, she speaks her own language is notoriously high-strung and takes fashion beyond seriously.  So what else can be said, her eye is incredible, it’s no joke she really knows her stuff.  So just in case you’ve been living under a rock or are just not that fashionably inclined she is the fashion stylist to the stars and her show The Rachel Zoe Project is about her exploits in the world of celebrity styling.  Again, the viewer gets a behind the scenes peek into the hectic world of celebrity styling.  Rachel takes us down the rabbit hole with her as she  fits clients, goes to fashions shows; we get to see as Rachel styles her celebrity clients for red carpet events and photo shoots.  Some of Rachel’s clients include a-listers like Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, and Molly Simms just to name a few. We even get to peek into her personal world and the relationship that she has with her husband and how he copes with Rachel’s crazy schedule and constantly being around her as well as her staff.  It’s fascinating really.  This show is for those fashion people who loved playing dress up when they were younger and probably still do.  You will see how important the role of the  fashion stylist is in the world of fashion and how stressful and over the top the job can be. 



To catch Rachel Zoe in all her celeb styling glory watch The Rachel Zoe Project Tuesday’s at 10 pm on Bravo.  Canadian kids with Rogers can cath the show Monday nights at 8pm on Cosmo TV.  For more on her show visit

So I can’t take the credit for finding this little gem of a show because sadly I didn’t discover it first, my sister did.  Even though we have Blackberry’s and can BBM or call each other my sister often likes to tell me things via twitter.  Sad to say we are totally victims of our phones and social networking applications.  Anywhoo,  my sister was out of town and tweeted me that she had discovered a new show called House of Glam.  So naturally I watched it, and I was hooked.  House of Glam follows the fashion lives and loves of the artists and the owner of the B Lynn Group an artist representation agency based in New York City.  It’s characters are talented, egotistical, and great looking! What more can you ask for in a television show.  My favourite is stylist to the stars Atiba Newsome, partly because he’s (clears throat) fine! I mean fine with a capital F!  And partly beacause his aesthetic is off the chain.   Clearly this is all my opinion someone else may not feel his vibe or understand why he dresses people the way he does;  but for me his eye is on point.  The show takes us on the ride that is fashion styling on a grand level in New York City, we see the career decisions that each artist has to make, and the trials of pulling and finding the right peices for each of their clients.   We also get to see how Brandi the owner of the B Lynn Group handles the pressure and the egos of her artists.  All while trying to be a mom and significant other. 

Complete cast


Atiba on set

Amoy Pitters Hair Stylist

Crystal Stylist


Brandi owner


Atiba Newsome Stylist


Shaun syling assistant


Amoy on set with Kelly Rutherford


Michiko hair and make-up artist


Mike stylist


Groovey Lew Stylist


Crystal dressing singer Mario for the Grammy's


House of Glam airs Wednesday’s at 9pm on Oxygen.  Visit the show’s site for more information