Introducing Alexxuss Loves!

It’s been said that if you stop growing you die, right?  Well I happen to subscribe to that philosophy as well and I think that I want to add another section to this blog that’s about the things I love. I have a great many loves in my creative life.  I don’t know of any creative person who loves only one thing.  I think it’s our make up some how  (I see you nodding your heads)!

I’m working on sooo many amazing things right now, new collaborations and opportunities as well as new interviews for y’all.  Look for those in the near future; but to kick off my new section – let’s talk about what I love!  The Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2010 Collection.  I first saw the collection on Fashion Television and I thought it was Hot.  I saw it again almost in its entirety on The Rachel Zoe Project, and that’s when it really took hold!  I have thought about that collection in some way almost daily since then.  Some might say I’m a little obsessed.  Check out the pics and you tell me if it’s not the baddest collection for this season!

(Photos courtesy

Sigh; I love, I love, I swoon and melt!  Please believe I will be adopting this look at some point before the spring.  Burberry took the militarylook and modernized it fantastically.  The OTK boots are sick to say the least, the jackets and trenches (for which Burberry is famous) are deconstructed at times and rigid at others. the collection is sexy and feminine, hard and controlled all at the same time I don’t know how they were able to balance all of these elements so amazingly. but they did!  Bravo Burberry!

Alexxuss Loves!


LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 Collections Day 1


It’s officially day three of fashion week but only day two for me, and I am here poised at my laptop banging out a post before I have to get dressed and head to the venue to do it all again.  This is my first Fashion Week that I’m covering for my blog so obviously I am extremely excited.  I want to see it all and talk to people and revel in the irreverence that is fashion in this city.  It seems that everyone has the same ideas with respect to what you can find or expect from Canadian designers and what they have to offer.  Which;  is that they are all extremely talented forward thinking individuals who have the potential if not the desire to be on the international stage. 

Okay so let’s get started…


The Venue…

Shows are taking place at Heritage Court on the CNE grounds in downtown Toronto, and they managed to make a large hall look like it was the appropriate setting for this city’s most fabulous to be hob nobbing with each other.  Walking into the venue you find the presentations, these are for those designers who aren’t doing a runway show but still want to get exposure for their work.  Check out the pics!


Cherry Dewar

Colette Harmon necklaces and accessories


Cydelic By Choryin

After the presentations there was a beauty section where you could get your hair and make-up done.  There were sketch artists in the DHL booth; you could get your picture taken on a LG Toronto Fashion Week backdrop, and do some shopping in the Attittude by Sears booth.  Then finally top it all off at one of the bars before you headed in to see the shows.  Oh yeah how could I forget the life-size Ken dolls….can we say drool!






The shows…

I saw Pink Tartan, Jessica Jensen + Alexander Berardi, and Line Knitwear.  All of the shows were great, and considering that I had never heard of Jessica Jensen and or Alexander Berardi before yesterday; I was very pleasantly surprised with the looks that came down the runway!  The Pink Tartan show was hands down my favourite which is what I expected,  it was full of colour, completely wearable and the shoes were to die for!





Star Sightings….

Pictures speak volumes

Me and my Canadian Fashion idol Jeanne Becker Host of Fashion Television



 Me and Editor in Chief of Flare Magazine Lisa Tant

That concludes the end of my first day of LG Toronto Fashion Week waaaaaay more pics to come! (p.s I know I look slightly crazy in this pic with Lisa Tant but cest la vie I post anyway)

Time to get dressed…….