Event~~Mackage F/W 2012


My first introduction to this line was at the request of a potential client in regard to a look he wanted for a photo shoot.  I didn’t know anything about the line except that they were a Canadian label and designed outer wear, pretty extensive knowledge base huh…rolls eyes…So when I got the invitation for Mackage I was quite excited to go; I love outer wear and think that it’s just as important as what you have on underneath; I was expecting nothing though.

The show was in the distillery district and I had never been there before and might not have made it that day either if it was up to Mapquest they would have had me in Scarborough, No Bueno!  I made it to the show with more than enough time to schmooze with the Blogger Brigade as I like to call them, grab a cotton candy flavoured drink and head to my seat.  The show was a highly anticipated one as it featured international model Heather Marks and tattoo model Zombie boy.

Overall the collection was edgy to a fault complete with military inspired head pieces designed by Banoo by Mesa a Toronto based headwear design duo who are making their own name for themselves and was extremely well styled.  There was a range in pieces from casual to dressy; fabricated in wool, nylon, and leather.  I could see Rooney Mara’s character in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo wearing any of them.  As a matter of fact at the time I hadn’t seen the movie yet but I kept thinking that there must have been some inspiration from there.

Check out the pics below and you decide…

Photos courtesy of George Pimentel

Hope you enjoyed I know I did



Events~~Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011~Backstage


It’s the last day of November and the fashion calendar is winding down as people begin to make holiday preparations and travel plans for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.  That can only mean one thing, it’s time again for the Victoria Secret Angels to make their way down the runway. 

This show has everything that I love about fashion! It has spectacle, beautiful models, great lighting and sound production and A-MA-ZING clothes! Well not quite clothes as there is very little that the models wear but they are stunning nonetheless.  It’s the reason why I tune in to watch religiously every year, it’s the same reason why my ultimate desire is to be sitting in one of those coveted seats some time in the near future and it’s also the reason why I am writing this post today!  Oh yeah one more thing; the chaos. Of course it would have to take an insane amount of people to pull something like this off, especially on this level in front of millions of people.  Lucky for us the Victoria Secret show holds back no punches! They let us in on what’s really happening behind the scenes! So of course I LOVE that! 

So naturally I bring you video from backstage at the show!  I hope you enjoy and hopefully next year I’ll be backstage too! Not as a model of course let’s not be ridiculous!


Video courtesy Fashiontv

LG Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2012~~Korhani


The Korhani home rug runway is probably the most unique show that happens at LG Toronto Fashion Week.  Considering that they are primarily a home decor company putting designs on the runway was probably not what they had originally thought the company would be doing.  Last season was their first collection and they had several different sections to their show with influences from the 50’s that had almost a Flintstonian feel.  This season they had a theme and it was a great one Alice in Wonderland complete with the white rabbit.  It’s difficult to judge a show like this on its fashionable merits but it’s nothing if it’s not entertaining.  I happen to think that fashion should be entertaining and a show like this is right up my alley.  I didn’t actually get to attend this show but of course I made sure to get you guys the pictures. 

Photos courtesy of P Ross for Opique.com


LG Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2012~~Caroline Neron


I was back under the tents yesterday and I must say it was a more somber feeling, I guess after the insanity that was Pink Tartan and Joe Fresh fashion lovers needed a more chill and relaxed vibe.  It was all good to me considering that was one of the reasons I didn’t attend the day before. 

I arrived in time to see the Caroline Neron collection showing in the studio and didn’t know what to expect, from the press kit on my seat I learned that she was a jewellery designer, but again I had no major expectations after I discovered this.  Well her collection of jewellery was breath-taking but more so was the production she made of it.  She opened her show with a recording depicting the journey of the Goddess, followed by a vocalist performing a haunting and beautiful song. 

By the time the first model hit the catwalk no body knew what to expect.  But what came was a surprise to everybody…A picture tells a thousand words!

Photos Courtesy John Headley

I really wanted the video of this show, and as soon as I find it I will post it for you!


LG Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2012~~Pink Tartan


So I decided not to attend on Day 3 for a few reasons the first of which being I had a deadline to meet for Global Fashion, I am currently in a training course for 8 hours each day, I knew the line ups were going to be absolutely NUTS and the weather was horrible; it rained all day here in Toronto.  So after doing what I so rarely do, but have been forced to do this week (take the bus). I got lunch came home and decided I would get caught up, I made sure that I had all of the photos I needed and just spent some time relaxing. So the obvious question is, what did I miss? 

 Pink Tartan, the only show I really wanted to see and the reasoning there is obvious Kim always delivers a solid collection.  I have seen the last two seasons and have yet to be disappointed and this season appears to be no different.  Though I was not there to see the collection come down the runway I am no less impressed with what Kim did.  She has a fondness of bright colors and she is definitely not afraid to use them better than that she knows how!  I am particularly in love with the cobalt blue shirt dress that Andrej Pejic wore, not to mention the Burnt Orange/Red cigarette pants. 

This collection had it all stripes, prints, solids and she even threw in some polka dots in a trench style jacket paired with matching cigarette pants; just to be audacious!   A little something for everyone.  Overall the collection is young and fresh; simply perfect for Spring and summer!

Check out the pics!

Photos courtesy George Pimental


Events~Flaws of Couture show


On June 18, 2011 friends and the fashionably fluffy gathered to see the first collection presented by designers Sasha Ruddock and Garcia Marie the Co-designers behind the Flaws of Couture label. 

Started in 2008 the girls began designing for the fluffy girl who couldn’t find anything in the mall to suit her style or body type for that matter.  They were determined to empower full figured women and help them to see themselves as more than the sum of their parts.  No flaws here! Their mandate is love yourself!

Check out pics from the show! 


The Runway..


To learn more about the girls visit them at http://www.flawscouture.com/


Out of the Box~~ Goodbye Galiano John’s Departure from Dior

When I first heard the news about John’s suspension from the House of Dior I was flabbergasted.  I was talking to my business partner and saw the breaking news on our local news channel and immediately started freaking out!  She was like “what is going on?” I told her and she wasn’t surprised but I was close to distraught!  If you read my blog then you know already that the House of Dior is my fav fashion house and Galiano is my fav designer, so naturally I had to know what was going on in the world when my fav designer who never let’s me down season after season is suspended.  WTH?  What did he do? 

Well…..then I found out what he did, and saw the video.  I’m not one to give voice to or advocate anything that is hateful so I have not posted the video.  If you haven’t heard what happened John was caught well into his drink in a Parisian cafe having words with a couple who sat at a table near him.  He went into a anti-Semitic rant against the couple while surreptitiously being taped by another person who was at the restaurant.  When Dior was first made aware of the situation they (having a zero tolerance policy)   had to suspend the designer.  Now this all takes place before the Oscars and before the red carpet arrivals.  If your into fashion you know why the Red carpet is so important for designers, now fast forward to Natalie Portman in all her pretty pregnancy glory stepping out onto the red carpet as the new face of Dior Miss Cherie in….Rodarte…I’m sorry I’m confused by this.  Yes I know Rodarte assisted on the costume design for Black Swan the movie that Natalie was nominated for but nonetheless I’m thinking most people were expecting her to be in Dior.  Add to that the statement she released the next day stating that she wanted nothing to do with John Galiano.  Well the day after he was in fact fired.  If your confused by Natalie’s statements well she is proudly Jewish and John’s statements weren’t exactly nice. 

I am always unhappy when someone with immense talent makes career limiting/ending moves such as this one was.  I always think of what could have been, and now I’m thinking of what is going to happen to Dior?  Who will they have to step in and replace John without compromising the brilliance that is Dior.  Needless to say the next season is going to be one that the world is watching for.

So in an ode to what was I am posting for you the last Haute Couture collection by John Galliano for the house of Christian Dior.

Photos courtesy Imaxtree.com and Mateo Volta via Elle.com

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