LG Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2012~~Caroline Neron


I was back under the tents yesterday and I must say it was a more somber feeling, I guess after the insanity that was Pink Tartan and Joe Fresh fashion lovers needed a more chill and relaxed vibe.  It was all good to me considering that was one of the reasons I didn’t attend the day before. 

I arrived in time to see the Caroline Neron collection showing in the studio and didn’t know what to expect, from the press kit on my seat I learned that she was a jewellery designer, but again I had no major expectations after I discovered this.  Well her collection of jewellery was breath-taking but more so was the production she made of it.  She opened her show with a recording depicting the journey of the Goddess, followed by a vocalist performing a haunting and beautiful song. 

By the time the first model hit the catwalk no body knew what to expect.  But what came was a surprise to everybody…A picture tells a thousand words!

Photos Courtesy John Headley

I really wanted the video of this show, and as soon as I find it I will post it for you!