LG Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2012 Collections Day 2~~Attitude by Jay Manuel


The thing that I love about Fashion aside from the clothes and the fantasy that it can create, is the showmanship, and in Jay Manuel’s second season at LG Toronto Fashion Week he proves again that he believes in the “show” 

Rather than open with a fashion film like he did last season he opened to smoke coming down the runway and flashing bright lights.  The crowd actually oood and ahhhhd. 

This season Jay kept to a bright colour palette with prints (which we have seen a lot of this season) solids and a mix of cotton blends with more flowy fabrics.  He included in this collection gorgeous peacock feather earrings and patterned scarves worn Rhoda style wrapped around the models heads. 

The kicker of the show and I do mean kicker was when beautiful Yasmine Warsame took a tumble while doing her return walk on the runway, dry ice and heels can make for a slippery situation.  She took it all in-stride though (so to speak) and we all clapped and cheered for her, while a handsome saviour reached down to help her get back up.  That was a model moment if I’ve ever seen one!

Once again, Jay delivers a solid collection that’s wearable and accessible, and for all of those nay sayers who weren’t expecting much I say that Jay is doing himself justice!

Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself!

Photos Courtesy of Paul for Opique.com

More reviews coming up!


LG Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 Day 3~~Attitude Runway Show Pics

As promised I dedicated a whole post to the Attitude by Jay Manuel show.  Just in case you didn’t know this collection was styled by June Ambrose herself, so you know it’s going to be in the words of the Diva herself Haute!

Photos are courtesy of Paul Ross of Opique.com  Enjoy!

So did I lie about the collection?  I had to give you guys the distant shot and the close up so you can catch the fever that these models were giving off on the runway.  Hands down the best walked show of the week!  There is still day 4 and 5 coverage to come so check back here in a few.


LG Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 Day 3

Hey fashion lovers and fashion followers.  Day three was just awesome!  I met June Ambrose, we were  hanging backstage talking, laughing and  taking pictures,  #nobigdeal.  LOL…I also had the coolest interviews with Dani winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 and Aminat also from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12. They were both funny and down to earth.  On top of which they also stomped it down the runway. 

I’m not sure about anybody else but the show that I was most looking forward to seeing was the Attitude by Jay Manuel at Sears.  Boy he did not disappoint! As we entered the runway room we all wondered about the blueish looking runway that was in the room.  Turns out it wasn’t blue at all it was jet black and shiny.  He was the only designer to use a non-white runway.  It was also a  packed house and I along with everybody else was anticipating what was about to go down.  The show opened with Super model Yasmin in an all white pant suit, which set the tone for the flawless collection that was to come.  I’m not going to give away anymore details though,  as they say a photo is worth a thousand words.  Now the photos will be in the following post as I feel they need to shine on their own.   So here are the pictures from the day.

Backstage Beauty…Attitude by Jay Manuel for Sears and pictures of what was going with all of the fashionable people.

Photos courtesy of Paul Ross 

Stay on the blog for the Attitude pictures….you won’t regret it!


LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collections day 2

I can only sum up yesterday in one word GREAT! Seriously there needs to be another word to describe the kind of day I had!  Amazing does come to mind, so does exceptional, fantastic….I could go on and on but I won’t! 

Yesterday was day two for me of LG Toronto Fashion Week  and I was at Heritage Court to see three more shows.  Attitude by Sears, Rachel Mara, and Joe Fresh.  When I arrived at the venue I could tell that there was a distinct difference in the crowd than there was the day before; why, because the celebrities and personalities were out in full force.  

I made it my mission to be backstage to get makeup and hair looks for the Rachel Mara show.  I couldn’t do it yesterday because my camera was dead!  So right after the Attitude show I shimmied my behind backstage;  I got some fun interviews and exclusive backstage video of model Renee Thompson doing a stomp off with Sheena from MTV News it was too HOT and one of those moments that you wish you were there to witness.  

Also, yesterday I had to follow some super fashion week advice,  bring a pair of flat shoes!  I was rocking 5″ OTK leather boots that had my feet asking why I hated them so much so my peep toe Nine West kitten heels came to the rescue!     Ahh tis the price we pay! 

Lets’ Go….


I think for those of you who have been reading my blog from the beginning you know that my blog is about interviewing people and finding out what they are like and what they do like.  Soooo of course I thought up a few questions that  would work in a short conversation.  Here they are, and here are just some of the people I’ve had the great pleasure of talking to and finding out a little more about.

  1. Who is your favourite Canadian Supermodel?
  2. Favourite Canadian designer?
  3. Most stylish Canadian personality?
  4. Canadian fashion designer most excited to see this week?



Kassandra on the left and Grace on the right fresh off the Pink Tartan runway both girls are represented by Elmer Olsen here are their responses!

K: Yasmin Warsame G: Daria Werbowy

K: Nada G: Pink Tartan and Greta Constantine

K:Elmer Olsen G: I have no idea, I can’t think of any

K: Pink Tartan G: Joe Fresh


Both ladies on the runway for the Pink Tartan show (Photos courtesy of John Headley)

Fashion bloggers Charlotte in the middle and Carla on the end. These lovely young ladies represent Go Time PR and Events.  Blogging is something that they just love but PR is their passion. Here’s how they answered the questions.

Ch: Stacey Mackenzie C: Coco Rocha

Ch: Joe Mimram and Jessica Biffy C: Evan Blidell and Lucian Matis

Ch: Jeanne Becker C: Laureen Harper (Stephen’s wife)

Ch: Pink Tartan C: Brendan Dwyer

I was lucky enough to catch rising Supermodel Renee Thompson backstage while she was getting ready to walk in her next show (Rachel Mara) and she was gracious enough to answer my questions. 

Renee: Daria Werbwoy

Renee: Andy The-Anh

Renee: Suzanne Boyd and Derrick Chetty

Renee: Line Knitwear

Renee stomping it out for Line Knitwear on Tuesday night…

(Photo courtesy of John Headley)



Celebrity sightings…

Me and Adrian Mainella from Style File

Me and Ken!…sooo  hot! (uhhhhh yeah he’s a celebrity….he looks great for over 50 huh)

Melinda Shankar from Degrassi the next generation



Byron Parker on the left Adriano Belli in the middle and Willie Pile on the right from the Toronto Argo’s.  Me Byron and Willie isn’t Adriano a great photog (might wanna think of a second career)…..I kid I joke

Me and Shane West (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, A walk to Remember and currently starring in Nikita)



The shows…

As I said earlier I saw three shows yesterday Attitude by Sears, Rachel Mara and Joe Fresh.  Rachel Mara was my fav for the day,  even though Joe Fresh did not disappoint and their great price points makes it easy for everybody to be fashionable whether you’re a big budget Fashionista or a Recssionista there is something for everyone.  But right now I’m going to focus on Rachel Mara.


Back stage beauty…







The Collection…



(Photos courtesy of John Headley)



So that concludes day two for me of LG Toronto Fashion Week and I’m off to do it all over again!

Singing Black eyed Peas in my head, scrap in my head out loud…..I gotta feeling….whoo hoo…..

Off to get dressed…