Out of the box~~Canadian Girls in Pictures~~Yasmin Warsame


Yasmin Warsame is probably one of the most recognizable Canadian Supermodels in the industry. The Somali-born Canadian has been modelling professionally for the better part of 15 years and has every right to be a complete Diva, but she soooo isn’t!

Now I am not one to become unglued when meeting high-profile people, I breezed through my interview with Jeanne Becker when I covered my first season at Toronto Fashion Week and I am always stalking Glen Baxter for his reaction to the shows; but for some reason when I met Yasmin backstage I seriously was speechless…(maybe one day I will tell you guys what happened when I came face to face with my idol Jay-z). Your girl said nada, zip, zero, zilch! I didn’t even have the presence of mind to do my job and ask her for a photo or a quick interview.  Hangs head in shame…alas tis my trial,  I freeze at times.

Well just a few short months ago I saw the photos from an editorial that she did for Flare Magazine’s January 2012 issue. The pictures are breath-taking and the styling and direction were exceptional. I want the Marchesa dress and I would slap my momma for them Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.  Check out the pictures for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Yasmin Warsme for Flare January 2012 Photos by Andrew Soule Art Direction Tanya Watt. Fashion Director and Styling Liz Cabral.



Video~~Backstage Lights~~Roxanne DeNobrega


I first met Roxanne on the set of a calender shoot that I did for a hair salon based here in Toronto. She was the make up artist that day and she did a brilliant job on my skin, which is tricky to match to foundation at times but she had me looking like an actual model….(y’all know I don’t model)….

So when I ran into her again on a test shoot that I was visiting I had to take the opportunity to ask her about her trade.  In the midst of that conversation the subject of being an agency artist or remaining freelance came up and the following video is her response to that question. Hope you enjoy!

Roxanne DeNobrega on Agency vs. Freelance in her own words…


Out of the Box Coverage~~Canadian Girls in Pictures~~Naro Lokuruka for Flare Magazine


I started my Canadian Girls in pictures feature right after I saw this spread of Naro in Flare.  It dawned on me that a lot of the girls we have here have great lucrative careers and get great exposure from the work that they do, but does the general public (Canadian) know that? Probably not…too busy watching Keeping up with the Kardashians… (guilty as charged).

I’ve seen Naro season after season walking the runway at Toronto Fashion Week (I will use the new name when the new season starts thank you) but had never seen her in an editorial til this one and I must say not only can she walk but she photographs like an ebony doll! Check out the rest of her pics below!

Oh and yes I realize these pics are hella late but meh…I march to the beat of my own drum!

Naro for Flare Magazine September 2011…Enjoy!

Photographed by Chris Nicholls


Out of the box coverage ~~Canadian Girls in Pictures ~~Daria Werbowy


When I started LG Toronto Fashion Week coverage one of the things that I did was ask questions of the fashion crowd in attendance. One of the questions I asked of my captives was “Who is your favourite Canadian Model?” If you stopped and scratched your head and could not come up with a name…shame on you!

If you immediately shouted Coco Rocha….I won’t say “shame on you”, I will say “aint’ she everybody’s favourite?”  Well actually,  finger tapping lips…she isn’t,  almost everybody I interviewed; models included said Daria Werbwoy.

It is no stretch of the imagination as to why that would be, she’s tall, (I guess that goes without saying)  athletic and really down to earth. Featured below in Vogue Paris’ upcoming February issue she photographs stunningly.

Check out the pics below…Daria for Paris Vogue on the February 2012 cover!

Photographed by Inez and Vinoodh and styled by Emmanuelle Alt

Photos courtesy Stylefritz.com


What’s Alexxuss Doing?~~Two Girls in Fashion Update!

The last few months have been incredibly busy for us and we are so excited to keep bringing you updates on what we are doing.  On March 14th we launched twogirlsinfashion.com and just this past Monday March 28th we premiered the first webisode for TGIF TV.  

The first webisode is all about our Sway magazine “On the Verge” story that we directed for the “People with Sway” section of the magazine.  I haven’t been able to post some behind the scenes pics yet but that is just what this post is for.  So to compliment the webisode and to prepare you for the magazine to hit stands check out some of the on set pics. 

Big thank you’s to A-game, Regular Robb, DBS studios, my co-host and co-director Renee Thompson, Dj Lissa Monet, make-up artist extraordinaire Asha Emanuel and our wardrobe stylist who works miracles Donovan Whyte.  Last but certainly not least our amazing photographer Kwaku Kufuor.  Also thanks to Darcy Hoover, Chelsea and Anastasia. 

 Enjoy the pictures!

What’s Alexxuss Doing?~TwoGirlsinFashion.com promo shoot

Sneak pic

In my last What’s Alexxuss Doing post I told yall about the Sway magazine photoshoot I am co-directing with Renee Thompson, the fantastic thing is that we have also established a creative direction/production company and blogcast called Two Girls in Fashion.  Twogirlsinfashion.com will launch officially on March 14, 2011.  In preparation for the launch of the site we have had to take some necessary steps like directing a photoshoot that we are also the subjects of.  Well,  we did just that this last Friday.  We got super lucky the weather was gorgeous (during the day anyway)  so we were able to execute our outdoor creative without freezing our kneecaps off. 

We were blessed with an awesome crew, we were photographed by Erwin Loewon, assisted by Kiley Ayla, stylist Salem of Remix clothing Co. assistant stylists Cynthia Spitz and Sonia Torsan, and videographer Julie Hong.

We had so much fun and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.  I can’t wait for the site to go live!  Check back for updates on what we are doing.

Between shots at the corners of Bathurst & Queen


Oh Oh lashmergency

sneak pic


Doing my makeup.


Kiley Ayla photography assistant


Erwin Loewen photographer and Kiley assistant


sneak pic

What’s Alexxuss Doing~~Sway Magazine “On the Verge” Shoot

It’s a totally excititng time right now, its also frustrating, challenging, mind numbing and exasperating…ah such is the life of a director. So this is the part where your wondering what’s so exasperating, challenging, blah, blah, blah.  It’s this;  I’m co-directing a photoshoot with my lovely co-director Renee Thompson.  So what does that mean?  That means that we have come up with a photo story and pitched it to a magazine, they loved it and now we are in execution mode, meaning pulling together the team to bring the creative story to life.  Oh yeah the magazine is Sway.  You know,  the premiere black magazine in Canada.  It’s been awesome but also crazy at the same time. 

As a director there are tons of elements that you have to consider before going forward.  You have to think budgets and subject matter, and photographer and wardrobe stylists and make up artists.  You have to make sure that it will all work together.  I honestly don’t know how people who don’t have previous project management experience pull this off all of the time;  because even with my experience it is still nerve wracking.  Right now we are past the point of casting and pulling together the team.  We have a great group of people working with us and we are super excited to do the shoot which is coming up soon. 

So who’s it gonna be, our photographer is Kwaku A Kufuor, fashion stylist Michelle Lyte and make up artist Roxanne DeNobrega.  The photos will appear in the people with Sway section of the magazine and will feature A-Game, Regular Robb, Lissa Monet, and DBS studios.  

In prepartion for the shoot we needed to get everyone together to have their measurements taken and to discuss looks as well as  inspiration for lighting and shot composition.  Overall it was a great day, check out the pics from that day and stay tuned to see the pics from behind the scenes at the shoot!

Photos are by our amazing photographer Kwaku Kufuor.