Chanel No 5 Commercial~Featuring Brad Pitt


There is only one reason I am writing a post about this Chanel No 5 commerical and that is Brad Pitt.  If you know me you know that I have had a deep abiding love for this man since I saw Interview with a Vampire in high school. (I am remarkably well preserved) Ha! It deepened into an all consuming desire when I saw Legends of the Fall.  Frankly I’ve not stopped loving him since! So here is Brad in all his “I’m getting older and finer” glory for Chanel No 5.  Both parts of the film! Thank me later!

Out of the box~~Canadian Girls in Pictures~~Yasmin Warsame


Yasmin Warsame is probably one of the most recognizable Canadian Supermodels in the industry. The Somali-born Canadian has been modelling professionally for the better part of 15 years and has every right to be a complete Diva, but she soooo isn’t!

Now I am not one to become unglued when meeting high-profile people, I breezed through my interview with Jeanne Becker when I covered my first season at Toronto Fashion Week and I am always stalking Glen Baxter for his reaction to the shows; but for some reason when I met Yasmin backstage I seriously was speechless…(maybe one day I will tell you guys what happened when I came face to face with my idol Jay-z). Your girl said nada, zip, zero, zilch! I didn’t even have the presence of mind to do my job and ask her for a photo or a quick interview.  Hangs head in shame…alas tis my trial,  I freeze at times.

Well just a few short months ago I saw the photos from an editorial that she did for Flare Magazine’s January 2012 issue. The pictures are breath-taking and the styling and direction were exceptional. I want the Marchesa dress and I would slap my momma for them Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.  Check out the pictures for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Yasmin Warsme for Flare January 2012 Photos by Andrew Soule Art Direction Tanya Watt. Fashion Director and Styling Liz Cabral.


Out of the Box Coverage~~Canadian Girls in Pictures~~Naro Lokuruka for Flare Magazine


I started my Canadian Girls in pictures feature right after I saw this spread of Naro in Flare.  It dawned on me that a lot of the girls we have here have great lucrative careers and get great exposure from the work that they do, but does the general public (Canadian) know that? Probably not…too busy watching Keeping up with the Kardashians… (guilty as charged).

I’ve seen Naro season after season walking the runway at Toronto Fashion Week (I will use the new name when the new season starts thank you) but had never seen her in an editorial til this one and I must say not only can she walk but she photographs like an ebony doll! Check out the rest of her pics below!

Oh and yes I realize these pics are hella late but meh…I march to the beat of my own drum!

Naro for Flare Magazine September 2011…Enjoy!

Photographed by Chris Nicholls


Out of the box coverage ~~Canadian Girls in Pictures ~~Daria Werbowy


When I started LG Toronto Fashion Week coverage one of the things that I did was ask questions of the fashion crowd in attendance. One of the questions I asked of my captives was “Who is your favourite Canadian Model?” If you stopped and scratched your head and could not come up with a name…shame on you!

If you immediately shouted Coco Rocha….I won’t say “shame on you”, I will say “aint’ she everybody’s favourite?”  Well actually,  finger tapping lips…she isn’t,  almost everybody I interviewed; models included said Daria Werbwoy.

It is no stretch of the imagination as to why that would be, she’s tall, (I guess that goes without saying)  athletic and really down to earth. Featured below in Vogue Paris’ upcoming February issue she photographs stunningly.

Check out the pics below…Daria for Paris Vogue on the February 2012 cover!

Photographed by Inez and Vinoodh and styled by Emmanuelle Alt

Photos courtesy


Out of the Box Coverage~~Canadian Girls in pictures~~Tsanna Latouche



I first met Tsanna at the 2010 P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards where she was in the running for the new faces award, keep in mind that in order to be nominated you had to have been in the industry for a year or less and at the time this new comer wasn’t well-known, but what a difference a year makes.  Represented by Sutherlands here in Toronto and by IMG in New York Tsanna’s international modelling career took flight. Oh,  and yeah you heard right she is repped by the largest agency in the world and it shows.  In the last year we have seen her star rise appearing in editorials for Cosmopolitan South Africa, How to spend it Magazine, numerous covers;  not to mention walking in the last two seasons of LG Toronto Fashion week.  In my opinion she has the perfect swim suit body and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this gorg young lady as a Victoria Secret Angel! I expect big things from this girl and you should too! Can we say another Canadian Super Model!  


 Tsanna for Cosmopolitan South Africa Photographed by Jacques Weyers (pictures 1-3)

Tsanna for How to Spend it Magazine photographed by Andrew Yee (picture 4)


Out of the Box Interview~~ House of Dame by Erica Kain

My first introduction to House of Dame was on the set of It’s Been Done stylists promo shoot that I covered last year.  HOD was on set providing some of her fab jewellery for a few of the looks that Sheronna and Janielle were doing that day.  I didn’t have a full opportunity to talk about the pieces or even to see all of them as my focus was on IBD.  Since then I have only heard amazing things about HOD and the company’s designer Erica Kain.  (I love her name…don’t you?) In any case I was lucky enough to score an interview with her and I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoy her amazing pieces.  Here is Erica Kain in her own words….



How did you become a fashion designer?

After years of going through the malls and not seeing what I wanted in stores I felt like there was a missing gap that I could fill with my fashion sense.

Who is the House of Dame woman?

The House of Dame woman is anyone who knows them-self and is a true city slicker and is ready to face the unknown with their fashion forward self.

Where did you get the name HOD (House of Dame)?
HOD is a power movement and with the name I knew that I had to pick a name that spoke volumes provided a little shock value and made a statement to fashion lovers.  Dame means women of authority and I believe in female power so of course I thought to use  it in my accessories line which is mostly focused on women. HOD came from  the gut and after research and long thinking truthfully it came from the heart.

Who is your favourite accessories designer?
My fav fav FAV accessory designer is Melody Ehsani…….Girl is Rock’n.

Which season combination do you prefer? Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter?
To me it doesn’t matter what season it is……my moto is fashion comes into your life for a reason, season or lifetime so work and rock with it! lol

What comes first fashion or Style?
To me it has to be style. Fashion comes and goes but your style is for you for ever.


HOD Product shots…


Who is your favourite clothing designer?
Hands down it has to be a tie between Zac Posen and Marc Jacob……Hot  Hot HOTTT!!!!

Where can you get HOD merchandise?

Modern day access is amazing and now that we have twitter, facebook and email anyone can hit me up to inquirer about my line. Until my website is official its word of mouth.

 How important is design to the fashion industry or as a whole?

Design is the way you work with an idea to bring it to life that makes your vision come true.

How would you define your own personal style?
I’m all about being bold, displaying other cultures and being daring…The House of Dame Way!

HOD Editorials…


Check out some of the people who have worn HOD jewellery!

Jeni radio personality flow 93.5 Fantasia on 106 and Park rocking HOD earrings


Rasheeda in HOD earrings


Melanie Durrant rockin her HOD earrings

Photos Courtesy of Erica Kain…check out her blog at 
That was my interview with Erica Kain I hope you enjoyed it.  I enjoyed writing it!

Out of the Box coverage~~Danier and Greta Constantine Collaboration

 For Canadians what we wear over our clothes is just as important as what we wear under.  Considering that we have four seasons outer wear needs to be stylish.  Well look no further than the awesome collaboration between Canadian leather retailer Danier and fashion designers Greta Constantine.  The two have come together to release a capsule collection that will be available for Fall 2011.  The collection called Greta Constantine Skin will be available at select Danier locations nationwide.  Check out the press release below and photos from Greta Constantine’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection.
Press Release…

Design duo, Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill announce an exciting collaboration between their signature line Greta Constantine and iconic Canadian retailer, DANIER. The capsule collection aptly tagged Greta Constantine SKIN, will see the self assured and modern Greta Constantine woman re-imagined for the DANIER brand and will be available at select DANIER locations Fall 2011.

 “Each season, DANIER is dedicated to offering our customers garments aimed to inspire their dressing. Aligning our brand with the captivating Canadian design label, Greta Constantine, has allowed us to further expand the scope of what that inspiration will be,” says Jennifer Steckel Elliott, VP Marketing, DANIER.

 The collection will be comprised of six looks primarily featuring second layer pieces, seamlessly offering a new and bold direction for the DANIER woman. “We wanted to develop pieces that exuded the ease and understated elegance of our Greta Constantine line,” explains Kirk Pickersgill. Stephen Wong adds, “Creating pieces for a broader demographic allowed us to consider what ‘affordable luxury’ truly entailed”.

 Since 1972, premier leather manufacturer and retailer, DANIER Leather Inc, has been providing its customers with the finest quality and workmanship at a price that affords exceptional value. For over a quarter century this iconic Canadian brand has grown to over 90 stores across Canada and into a household name.

Photos Courtesy of Jenna Marie Wakani via

Greta Constantine Fall/Winter 2011…
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
I for one can’t wait for this new collection to hit the stores.