Video~~Backstage Lights~~Roxanne DeNobrega


I first met Roxanne on the set of a calender shoot that I did for a hair salon based here in Toronto. She was the make up artist that day and she did a brilliant job on my skin, which is tricky to match to foundation at times but she had me looking like an actual model….(y’all know I don’t model)….

So when I ran into her again on a test shoot that I was visiting I had to take the opportunity to ask her about her trade.  In the midst of that conversation the subject of being an agency artist or remaining freelance came up and the following video is her response to that question. Hope you enjoy!

Roxanne DeNobrega on Agency vs. Freelance in her own words…



Video~~Backstage Interviews LG Toronto Fashion Week F/W 2011


So This year I will be giving you guys way more video on this blog. I began to share video last year but I have so much footage and interviews that I haven’t uploaded and it’s crazy; so I’m giving you guys all of it! Here’s the first one, two seasons ago I was backstage at LG Toronto Fashion week F/W 2011 and got some great interviews from models getting ready to walk.  Big thank yous to Paris McColly from Ford models and Aminat former ANTM contestent and Dani Evans ANTM cycle 6 winner.  Check it out below!



Backstage Lights Update~~It’s Been Done Stylists

Hey Lifers,  it’s been a month since my last post, obviously it took me  longer than everybody else to escape my turkey coma.  Negative, that wasn’t it at all I spent the majority of January planning for the rest of the year and attending birthday parties ( I know an obscene amount of people  born in January).  In any case it was a very interesting month!  So what better way to start my blogging year than with an update on the dynamic styling team that I started my blog with; It’s Been Done Stylists.  I caught up with them on the set of their promotional photo shoot for an event they are doing in NY for fashion week this month.  You remember them… I know you do, if your new to my blog just jump over to the Backstage Lights category and scroll down you will come across the first interview that I did with them.   2010 was a great year for the team of Sheronna and Janielle and they are poised to make 2011 even greater, so let’s catch up with them It’s Been Done…

 Sum up 2010 in a few words.  What was the most memorable moment from last year? 

Inspiring, challenging, the year of preparation. Our most memorable moment in 2010 would be styling our first rock video “Diamond on a Landmine” for sensational Canadian Rock group Billy Talent. We had a chance to showcase our true creativity in a tribal scene, which was filmed in a cement pit. What was even more memorable was seeing the video play over and over again on TV and recognizing all of the hard work we put in.  Seeing the finished product was one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. Also in 2010 we were offered our own fashion channel with ovntv.  It’s those moments that make us keep striving for excellence.   

What is the plan for It’s been done in 2011?

World Domination…lol..But to be real..we have a lot planned this year. IBD will be everywhere sharing our talents with the world along with inviting you to our fashion events. Our channel will also be running in a few months so that is something to keep our audience on their toes and of course we will continue pumping out more photo shoots for your viewing pleasure. We have received so much love and support and we just want to be able to give back what we get.  

 What would be your dream job?

Janielle-My dream job would be owning an artists agency, which would
consist of, photographers, stylists, make up artists and hair stylists. I also want to produce presentations to display pieces from well-known designers and up and coming designers. Sheronna and I have been blessed to connect with people not only in fashion but also in music. Having a client come to my agency as a one stop shop..could save a lot of time not to mention keep the client coming back

Sheronna– My dream job…inconjunction with having a successful agency I want to be the effortlessly styled actress who dresses herself for red carpet events and who has a thriving design house of her own! Some may think my dreams are far-fetched but hunni this is my reality (the world just doesn’t know it yet! Lol)

What has been the most interesting thing that has happened since we last met in April of 2010?

Janielle- IBD in NYC.I find it very interesting that we have taken such a risk to do an event with no experience at all..But we have managed to pull all the right strings together. I guess we can add Event Coordinators to our resume

Sheronna- Modeling in and having full control over the creative direction of the IBD creative shoots has definitely been fun and interesting. We continue to push our creative limits while using ourselves as the canvas and,  yes the idea of planning full-out fashion events and building everything from ground up has been amazing!


Tell me about the event happening in New York for fashion week?

Our event is happening on Feb 16th and it’s called “L’hors du L’ordinaire” which means out of the ordinary which is the best way to describe the talent of Its Been Done Stylists. With fashion moving in cycles and seasons it is always the IBD goal to continuously add twists and tweaks to today’s trends; pulling a bit from the future and keeping a dash of the past! Hailing from such a diverse city as Toronto its always important for us to stay true to our multiculturalism which is why the name of our event is in our second tongue; French. We have always been known for our influence and originality among our peers and now we want to bring forth our own twist on today’s traditional fashion event. Considered more as a fashion experience we invite guests for a more intimate view of fashion and style through IBD eyes; those eyes happen to be covered in vintage frames of course!  

Keep your eye on these two über fashionable ladies, I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of them!

Check out Its been Done online at on facebook janielle Itsbeendone and Sheronna Osbourne on twitter @IBDsheronna and @itsbeendone

Backstage Lights~~Kell on Earth, The Rachel Zoe project, House of Glam

Now everybody who know me knows that I’m a t.v junkie.  You can’t hold any kind of conversation with me, you can’t ask me any questions you just gotta give me room so I can continue to be completely distracted by what ever I happen to be devoting my complete attention to.  Some of my friends have figured out a way to talk to me while I’m lost in t.v land… watch the show with me.  We can blissfully sit in silence while we watch the show and talk only during the commercials or respond to comments that I am making to the t.v.  seems fair, no?  Oh screw yall I am who I am.  LOL 

Conclusion Nicole likes t.v no big deal right?  It is when you consider what is available to watch, and fashion related t.v. programming has become a huge part of my t.v. repertoire.  Of course I have my staples like Fashion TV and In Fashion and Fashion File. But now with the advent of reality t.v we can watch, listen to and learn about the industry from those people who are living it every day. This is honestly the best time in history to be a fan of fashion. For my dose of fashion reality I have my three go to shows: Kell on Earth starring the lovable Kelly Cutrone, The Rachel Zoe Project starring the uber-chic Rachel Zoe and last but certainly not least House of Glam starring the artists represented by the BLynn Group.  

Fashion t.v. at it’s finest…

Kell on Earth follows owner and Fashion PR guru Kelly Cutrone as she navigates her way through the fashion industry.  Giving us an unadulterated look into her world we see she works with and who she works for, as well as how everybody at her Fashion PR company People’s Revolution copes with the insanity that is Fashion in New York City. 

We first met Kelly as the bane of Lauren Conrad’s existence on an episode of The Hills where Lauren is trying to secure tickets for Lisa the EIC at Teen Vogue at a fashion show.  That scene offered us just a taste of what Kelly was about; we see her again on The Hills when Whitney Port leaves her internship at Teen Vogue and is hired at People’s Revolution in L.A.   I think it’s safe to say that once Kelly hit the screen it was all about her.  I was overwhelmed by the fact that Kelly’s role even existed in the world;  prior to this show I had no idea that you could actually make money doing the things that Kelly did, but boy am I grateful that she signed on and I’m sure there are thousands of people out there who are just like me. 


You can catch Kell on Earth on Bravo Monday nights at 10pm. Canadian kids with Rogers can catch it Monday’s at 9pm on Cosmo TV.  For more information on the show visit

What can be said about Rachel Zoe that hasn’t already been said, she speaks her own language is notoriously high-strung and takes fashion beyond seriously.  So what else can be said, her eye is incredible, it’s no joke she really knows her stuff.  So just in case you’ve been living under a rock or are just not that fashionably inclined she is the fashion stylist to the stars and her show The Rachel Zoe Project is about her exploits in the world of celebrity styling.  Again, the viewer gets a behind the scenes peek into the hectic world of celebrity styling.  Rachel takes us down the rabbit hole with her as she  fits clients, goes to fashions shows; we get to see as Rachel styles her celebrity clients for red carpet events and photo shoots.  Some of Rachel’s clients include a-listers like Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, and Molly Simms just to name a few. We even get to peek into her personal world and the relationship that she has with her husband and how he copes with Rachel’s crazy schedule and constantly being around her as well as her staff.  It’s fascinating really.  This show is for those fashion people who loved playing dress up when they were younger and probably still do.  You will see how important the role of the  fashion stylist is in the world of fashion and how stressful and over the top the job can be. 



To catch Rachel Zoe in all her celeb styling glory watch The Rachel Zoe Project Tuesday’s at 10 pm on Bravo.  Canadian kids with Rogers can cath the show Monday nights at 8pm on Cosmo TV.  For more on her show visit

So I can’t take the credit for finding this little gem of a show because sadly I didn’t discover it first, my sister did.  Even though we have Blackberry’s and can BBM or call each other my sister often likes to tell me things via twitter.  Sad to say we are totally victims of our phones and social networking applications.  Anywhoo,  my sister was out of town and tweeted me that she had discovered a new show called House of Glam.  So naturally I watched it, and I was hooked.  House of Glam follows the fashion lives and loves of the artists and the owner of the B Lynn Group an artist representation agency based in New York City.  It’s characters are talented, egotistical, and great looking! What more can you ask for in a television show.  My favourite is stylist to the stars Atiba Newsome, partly because he’s (clears throat) fine! I mean fine with a capital F!  And partly beacause his aesthetic is off the chain.   Clearly this is all my opinion someone else may not feel his vibe or understand why he dresses people the way he does;  but for me his eye is on point.  The show takes us on the ride that is fashion styling on a grand level in New York City, we see the career decisions that each artist has to make, and the trials of pulling and finding the right peices for each of their clients.   We also get to see how Brandi the owner of the B Lynn Group handles the pressure and the egos of her artists.  All while trying to be a mom and significant other. 

Complete cast


Atiba on set

Amoy Pitters Hair Stylist

Crystal Stylist


Brandi owner


Atiba Newsome Stylist


Shaun syling assistant


Amoy on set with Kelly Rutherford


Michiko hair and make-up artist


Mike stylist


Groovey Lew Stylist


Crystal dressing singer Mario for the Grammy's


House of Glam airs Wednesday’s at 9pm on Oxygen.  Visit the show’s site for more information

Backstage Lights Interview~~Ford Make-Up artist~~Evgeny


It’s no big surprise that I meet people all of the time, and recently I made the acquaintance of two awesome young ladies, Andrea and Jenna, who work for Ford Model Management (see my post on the P&G Beauty awards to check out their pics) anyway, Andrea and Jenna were so great that night. We chatted before the ceremony started and Jenna let me know that she runs the artist division at the Toronto office. Naturally, I gave her a confused look, who knew that Ford a name synonymous with beautiful models represented artists! I’m sure Jenna didn’t see the drool slowly escaping from the corner of my up turned lips.

In my promise to reach out to her and send my regards and thanks for being such great company at the awards ceremony, I emailed Jenna. Jenna responded and suggested I meet and interview one of her artists. Yes, I’m skipping parts of the story, you will just have to wait for it.  I saw some of his portfolio and lost my mind, well at least momentarily. I emailed back and said “YES” as loudly as I could through the Internet and told her that I would be glad, neigh honored, to interview him. So we set something up and this post is a result of that meeting. His name is Evgeny and he is one of the most talented make-up artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Get to know him a little bit – you’ll be glad you did. Meet Evgeny in his own words…

How did you become a Make-Up artist?

Chasing girls, which is kind of unusual in my work.  I started because I was in art school and I had a lot of friends who were in the fashion industry, but none of them could draw, so they would come to me and be like “Evgeny, can you draw this design for me, can you sketch this out” so I would.  In the process of sketching the clothing for them I would also design the hair and the make-up of girls in the sketches.  I would go to their fashion shows and be back stage giving out my sketches to the hair stylists and the make-up artists.  But, then I would watch what the make-up artist was doing and I would say “No, add this colour here.” or “I think this line should be more like this – well let me show you.” I would take the brush and make the changes so it looked more like the sketches I had drawn.  My friends were like “Evgeny are you a make-up artist?” and I would always say no. But because of art school it was an easy transition for me and well being young and spending all my time around beautiful girls, I said why not, at that age what more can you ask for?

Who is your make-up Icon?

Serge Lutens, he was a make-up artist for Christian Dior in the late ‘70’s  and it was the first time I thought of the idea that you can transform a person’s face in a picture into an art form. 

 Name a beauty product that you can’t live without?

Mascara, because you can fake the rest, but the eye is the mirror.  Without mascara it’s not done.

On set with Chantal Kreviazuk

Which tool is your favourite?

My blending brush (the blending brush from Evgeny’s line of brushes)

Favourite make-up trends for this season?

I don’t follow trends because I don’t want to be stuck in one season or have to make a transformation from season to season.  I like what I like, I like the bold look meaning a very structerd and complete look, not necessarily bold colours. I like that my clients tell me they can recognize my work.

5 things every woman should do to create the perfect face?

Concealer or skin corrector to clean up the magic triangle area that includes eyes, nose, eyebrows, in yellow or orange, but not green it doesn’t work.


Bronzer or blush


Lip gloss that you put on the crease of the eye which is the same colour you have on your lips, smudge it a little bit it looks not totally fresh but gives you a good look.


Who is your favourite fashion designer?

Vivienne Westwood, she has a charisma, you can wear her things in 20 years from now and it will still be cool.  I also like her for the cut of her clothes.

Where do you derive your inspiration from when you’re preparing for a shoot (given free reign), where would that come from?

With my commercial clients, I try not to have them tell me that I can do whatever I want.  I always ask for direction, like a picture, because my vision of beauty is not the same as another person’s vision of beauty.  With my private clients I use their face and my vision of beauty to create the look. 

On set Degrassi goes to Hollywood

The ideal make up job?

After having my brush line I would love to have a great makeup line, where I could work with the colours and work with the pigments and develop the product.  Where I could explain to the average woman how she can create a beautiful face with a simple product and simple tools.  I don’t want to work with a company and say that something is a great product when I know that it’s not.  I’m trying to be more concious of the make-up companies I deal with. 

Beginning sketches

How did Evgeny Cosmetics start?

I started with brushes because it seemed like the simplest way and easiest way to start.  I had a client tell me a long time ago that when I was ready that she had the manufacturing contacts that I would need to get started, so I went and met with her.  I had been thinking about doing my own thing for a while and it happened at a point when I was ready.  It took me a while to finish the brushes because I wanted to find the right quality product.  For example, the Blue Squirrel that I use in my brushes; it had to be real.  A lot of people would say (in their brushes) that it’s Blue Squirrel that’s in the bristle, but it’s not.  I didn’t want that. So, I waited until I found a farm in the Yukon. I went there to see the hair, and the process of removing it.  The hair grows long and soft because it’s cold year round, it’s not really blue, it’s black but when the light hits it, there is a blue tinge to it.  This is where it gets its name. All the brushes are hand shaped so it takes a while to make them. 

Where can people purchase your brushes?

On the website and two locations in Yorkville sell the brushes as well. 


All aspects of Evgeny’s brushes are made by hand.  Even the chic brush pouches are hand made, how’s that for quality.  Believe me when I tell you that his brushes are an MUA’s dream come true, well worth the investment. 

A funny or interesting experience you’ve had while working?

A few months ago I had a client during the film festival and when I arrived at the hotel to do her make-up she says to me “Oh, you’re here, great! Before we start can I ask you a favour, can you use my brushes?” Now, I like to use my brushes because I figure if I use them and my clients like them, they might purchase them.  They can see how the brushes work, and a lot of the time clients fall in love and they want them for themselves.  So, this client is holding the brushes and going on and on about how much she loves them.  She tells me that she got them as a gift a little while ago and that since then every time she travels she takes them with her.  She then says “But, I have no idea who makes them.  Who’s Evgeny?” I say “I am Evgeny”  She was very surprised and shocked when she discovered who I was.  The funny thing is the whole time she was talking about the brushes neither of us realized that she was talking about my brushes.  I personally thought this was an awesome story!

So that concludes this post on Evgeny, I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed presenting it to you. 

For booking information contact Ford Model Mangement.  Also, to purchase his brushes or learn more about him visit his website

Backstage lights~~The Backstage Dior

With forewords by John Galliano and Suzy Menkes, as well as texts by Simon Doonan, Valerie Steele, and Jean-Jacques Naudet.

There are few jobs, positions or experiences in general that I covet, I’m your typical Fashion, Entertainment nut job so of course working at Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar or any other equally fabulous international magazine would be a dream come true.  So would producing a mind blowingly eclectic runway show for a major fashion house.  But who in their wildest dreams could imagine being the backstage photographer capturing the genius that is John Galliano for ten years.  Following him season after season catching the back stage magic on film. 

Now that is something worth coveting that right there  is an experience that I am well,  let’s just say a wee bit envious of.  Seriously there’s got to be a better word for it than envious, just doesn’t fully describe my range of emotions when I think that someone other than me was able to do this. 

So WHO had my  job of a lifetime?  World renowned fashion and celebrity photographer Roxanne Lowit. 

In 2009 Roxanne completed her more than a decade long endeavour of chronicling John Galliano’s work and compiled her photos in a book called Backstage Dior.  definitely a must own for any Dior or Galliano fan.  No big surprise why I had to do a post about this book when I first heard about it.  (Duh I love the title), the subject matter was just an added bonus. 

Roxanne has worked with everyone from Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent, to Johnny Depp and Pamela Anderson.  She has shot ad campaigns for Moet and Chandon, Dior, and Vivenne Westwood.  Her work has appeared in some of the worlds most read publications such as American, German, French and Italian Vogue.  Vanity Fair  and French Elle. 

Because of her fondness for the back of the house she was single-handedly responsible for creating the back stage fashion photographer scene, which revolutionized fashion photography. 

The book includes a gorgeous foray of full color and Black and white photos masterfully displaying the fashion and artistry of  Dior.  

Below are a few photos from the book and if you want to learn more about Roxanne her work and her life visit her website

J’adore Dior!

(Photos copywright  Roxanne Lowit)

(photo of Roxanne Courtesy

Roxanne Lowit – Backstage Dior
approx. 248 pages, hardback with slipcase
approx. 200 colour and duotone photographs
Text in English, German and French

LG Toronto Fashion Week Spring Summer Collections Day 3

I can’t get enough of it, I was going through photos last night after yet another fantastic day and I thought to my self I’m tired and my feet are swollen but what the heck am I gonna do with myself when this ends.  That’s usually how I get when I’m really busy working on something I love.  I love it so much I don’t want it to be over. 

Well today’s the last day and I am getting ready to do it all over again but before I move onto today let me show yall what happened yesterday.  I saw two shows yesterday, Lauren Bagliore for which I was blessed enough to be sitting front row for and Romona Keveza.  I went down to Heritage court expecting to see the Evan Blidell show too only to discover that it was some sort of projected presentation instead of a real show.  Can we say boo hoo, I was so disappointed;  Evan is one of my favourite Canadian designers and one of the shows I was really looking forward to seeing.  Though Evan was some what of a disappointment Romona Keveza was not!  I was speechless after her show, shocked and stunned into silence, a hot stuttering mess when I was trying to describe what I felt about the show I just saw!  Here’s the catch my photographers memory card died on him before the final walk.  (BBM crying face),  but we got some great shots of the first section so I am posting those for

yall today. 

As we continue…



While sitting at the Lauren Bagliore my girlfriend gets a text message from Backstage Life alumni, Judy inc stylist, Ryan Catney; who spotted us in the front row.  It’s always great seeing Ryan who brought along another Judy inc stylist;  and since she had the opportunity to work backstage on another of the collections coming down the runway; I put her on the spot and asked her the same questions I’ve had everybody answering this week.  Meet Nadia Pizzimenti Judy inc stylist!

 Favourite Canadian Supermodel?

Ans: Daria

Favourite Canadian designer? 

Ans: Micheal Kale

Favourite Canadian personality?

Tommy Ton (fashion blogger/ photographer)

Canadian designer most excited to see this week?

Ans: Greta Constantine

Cutie Ryan Catney and Nadia Pizzimenti Judy inc stylists



Backstage Beauty Romona Keveza…


The inspiration for hair and makeup for the Romona Keveza show was Audrey Hepburn!  Classic, uncomplicated and elegant!  The last shot is of Eddie he is the lead make-up and hair stylist for L’Oreal.  He has the most thick and lovely French accent!


Shots from around the Venue…

Model mates, Georgette Simms and fresh off the Baby Steinberg runway Philene!  Both represented by Maxamillion

Baby Steinberg designed dress for LG Toronto Fashion Week


The Shows…

Brandon Dwyer for Basch

Romona Keveza…

(Runway photos courtesy of John Headly)


Celebrity sightings…


Me and the super stylish Glen Baxter

Me and world-class fashion stylist Philip Bloch

Me and the hands down star of  LG Toronto Fashion Week Renee Thompson

That concludes day three…..

Time to get dressed…