Event~~Mackage F/W 2012

My first introduction to this line was at the request of a potential client in regard to a look he wanted for a photo shoot.  I didn’t know anything about the line except that they were a Canadian label and designed outer wear, pretty extensive knowledge base huh…rolls eyes…So when I got the invitation for Mackage I was quite excited to go; I love outer wear and think that it’s just as important as what you have on underneath; I was expecting nothing though.

The show was in the distillery district and I had never been there before and might not have made it that day either if it was up to Mapquest they would have had me in Scarborough, No Bueno!  I made it to the show with more than enough time to schmooze with the Blogger Brigade as I like to call them, grab a cotton candy flavoured drink and head to my seat.  The show was a highly anticipated one as it featured international model Heather Marks and tattoo model Zombie boy.

Overall the collection was edgy to a fault complete with military inspired head pieces designed by Banoo by Mesa a Toronto based headwear design duo who are making their own name for themselves and was extremely well styled.  There was a range in pieces from casual to dressy; fabricated in wool, nylon, and leather.  I could see Rooney Mara’s character in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo wearing any of them.  As a matter of fact at the time I hadn’t seen the movie yet but I kept thinking that there must have been some inspiration from there.

Check out the pics below and you decide…

Photos courtesy of George Pimentel

Hope you enjoyed I know I did


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