Out of the Box Coverage~~Canadian Girls in Pictures~~Naro Lokuruka for Flare Magazine

I started my Canadian Girls in pictures feature right after I saw this spread of Naro in Flare.  It dawned on me that a lot of the girls we have here have great lucrative careers and get great exposure from the work that they do, but does the general public (Canadian) know that? Probably not…too busy watching Keeping up with the Kardashians… (guilty as charged).

I’ve seen Naro season after season walking the runway at Toronto Fashion Week (I will use the new name when the new season starts thank you) but had never seen her in an editorial til this one and I must say not only can she walk but she photographs like an ebony doll! Check out the rest of her pics below!

Oh and yes I realize these pics are hella late but meh…I march to the beat of my own drum!

Naro for Flare Magazine September 2011…Enjoy!

Photographed by Chris Nicholls


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