Events~~Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011~Backstage

It’s the last day of November and the fashion calendar is winding down as people begin to make holiday preparations and travel plans for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.  That can only mean one thing, it’s time again for the Victoria Secret Angels to make their way down the runway. 

This show has everything that I love about fashion! It has spectacle, beautiful models, great lighting and sound production and A-MA-ZING clothes! Well not quite clothes as there is very little that the models wear but they are stunning nonetheless.  It’s the reason why I tune in to watch religiously every year, it’s the same reason why my ultimate desire is to be sitting in one of those coveted seats some time in the near future and it’s also the reason why I am writing this post today!  Oh yeah one more thing; the chaos. Of course it would have to take an insane amount of people to pull something like this off, especially on this level in front of millions of people.  Lucky for us the Victoria Secret show holds back no punches! They let us in on what’s really happening behind the scenes! So of course I LOVE that! 

So naturally I bring you video from backstage at the show!  I hope you enjoy and hopefully next year I’ll be backstage too! Not as a model of course let’s not be ridiculous!


Video courtesy Fashiontv

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