LG Toronto Fashion Week Personal Style~~Day 5

Oh the woes of the fabulous…as you guys know I had my outfits planned in advance for the entire week, and for day 5 I decided that I would give the awesome David Dixon a nod by wearing my Barbie t-shirt.  Ask me if I made it to the tents in time to actually watch the show. Uh no…I didn’t, totally over slept, I needed a nap believe me and by the time I woke up got ready and got down there the show was already started.  So I watched on the monitor and took deep breaths as each model passed down the runway.  More on that show in another post.

There was no shortage of hotness under the tents on the last day and I for one LOVE it!  Take a look at what I wore and what other fashion lovers had on that day!


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