LG Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2012~~Baby Steinberg

So the Baby Steinberg show took place on day 5 of fashion week during the day, so I was glued to a computer screen while this collection made its way down the runway.  I knew that this was a show that people were looking forward to seeing after she did her mini presentation last month.  My first introduction to her was during my first season at LG  where I discovered that she had been the designer behind the flower dress that was on the website and apart of the images for that season of fashion week, I was impressed with what she was able to do with so many flowers. I had a feeling that this show would be a good one.  Then I saw the pictures! Totally confused, I was like uh…uh…uh…uh what’s going on here.  I didn’t like anything about this collection really, except the chunky knit off the shoulder dress/top not quite sure what it was.  Not to mention…chunky knits in the summer?  Who would wear that? Needless to say this collection fell waaaay short for me, too much confused pieces with poor fabrication.  Overall it just looked amateur, not a collection you would expect to see on the last day of fashion week to be sure, but hey you be the judge the pics are below!

Photos courtesy P Ross for Opique.com


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