LG Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2012~~Chloe comme Parris

This Fashion Week is a little different for me, I am only attending shows in the evening, which isn’t necessarily the worst thing because a lot of the highly anticipated shows take place in the evening so it works for me.  Chloe comme Parris was one of the shows that I saw on Day 2 that took place in the evening and I’m so glad I caught it.

That being said, lovers of fashion can judge a collection in a number of different ways but one way is by relating it back to it’s previous seasons and using that as a benchmark to suggest how good the collection is this season.  In the case of Chloe comme Parris they kicked their collection up several notches.  From the shows that I have seen many of the designers have incorporated sheer prints and sheer solids into their collections this season. Chloe built their collection around this look, but they also included heavier fabrics that complimented the lighter ones.  See the finale dress (I melted into my seat when it came down the runway). They also mixed classic pieces with edgier/sexier pieces like a wider leg trouser and top that showed a lil bit of side boob. The overall effect,  a collection that breathed sensuality but didn’t over do it.

Check out the pictures!

Photos courtesy of P Ross for Opique.com

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