LG Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2012 Collections Day 2~~Attitude by Jay Manuel

The thing that I love about Fashion aside from the clothes and the fantasy that it can create, is the showmanship, and in Jay Manuel’s second season at LG Toronto Fashion Week he proves again that he believes in the “show” 

Rather than open with a fashion film like he did last season he opened to smoke coming down the runway and flashing bright lights.  The crowd actually oood and ahhhhd. 

This season Jay kept to a bright colour palette with prints (which we have seen a lot of this season) solids and a mix of cotton blends with more flowy fabrics.  He included in this collection gorgeous peacock feather earrings and patterned scarves worn Rhoda style wrapped around the models heads. 

The kicker of the show and I do mean kicker was when beautiful Yasmine Warsame took a tumble while doing her return walk on the runway, dry ice and heels can make for a slippery situation.  She took it all in-stride though (so to speak) and we all clapped and cheered for her, while a handsome saviour reached down to help her get back up.  That was a model moment if I’ve ever seen one!

Once again, Jay delivers a solid collection that’s wearable and accessible, and for all of those nay sayers who weren’t expecting much I say that Jay is doing himself justice!

Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself!

Photos Courtesy of Paul for Opique.com

More reviews coming up!


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