Alexxuss Loves~~The Peacock Parade

You guys know the deal there is always a story behind blog post I do and with the people I interview and there is a story here also.  I met Jan and Nancy on the set of the Two Girls in Fashion promo shoot that I was did.  At the time they were coming by to see my former business partner and I in action and also to meet me.  I had heard great things about them prior and was looking forward to the meeting.  After that first introduction I ran into them several times over the course of LG Toronto Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2011 shows.  Every time I saw them they were always fashionably if not also impeccably dressed, rocking Canadian designer labels as easily as others and getting plenty of attention for their wardrobe choices. 

The Peacock Parade is your one stop shop for amazing designer brands for reasonably affordable prices. When I heard that I had to check out their website which I adore, especially for their images.  They also have a blog on the site that covers all of the fashion events that they go to and reviews of collections.  Check out the website here. 

You will want to sign up so that you can gain access to the great deals they have on designer clothing and right now if you sign up you will be entered to win a classic Chanel flap bag… who wouldn’t want to win the bag.  Also if you tell your friends to sign up then you get more chances at winning the bag.   So tell a friend to tell a friend it’s that simple. 

And while your on the site don’t forget to check  out the blog

Alexxuss Loves!


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