Events~~Toronto Alternative Fashion Week (FAT) Closing day

Being in a city as diverse as Toronto affords you the luxury of being able to experience a multitude of events and experiences, being apart of the fashion community only makes it more amazing.  If this past fashion week taught me anything it’s this…Toronto has its own very fabulous very intriguing fashion crowd and it rivals any other crowd elsewhere in the world. 

This comes alive when you add less restraint less pomp and circumstance and let people be themselves.  People being themselves is the essence of what FAT is.  The short form for Alternative Fashion Week FAT, as everyone calls it is a four-day event that combines Art, Fashion, and Music.  It gives a voice to a wide range of designers and artists and allows for a certain freedom of expression that showing designers don’t necessarily have during the sponsored LG Toronto Fashion Week.  You will see what I mean when you see the pictures. 

For all of my well laid plans I could not attend during FAT (believe me I was none to pleased) but hey where you can’t be, at least send a camera man….and that’s exactly what I did.  So here are the images from the final day of FAT.  And, yes I am completely aware that I am so behind but, meh…I’ve been up to stuff; I always am…




















Photos courtesy John Headley

So that was  just some of what FAT had to offer.  Check out the website for more information!



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