LG Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 Day 5~~Line Knitwear Pics

So I wasn’t actually there for this show which is all good, considering I missed the show because I had to work.  Hey,  it happens and I knew I wouldn’t be able to see it because all of the evening shows had been running late all week so staying wasn’t an option.  In any case I did get the photos and am glad to present them to you.  This is Line knitwear the closing show for fashion week.  Considering all of the superb collections that came down the runway this season I imagine it must have been difficult to close the week.  This was one of the best weeks that I have seen with respect to designer collections.  Designers have really stepped up their game and have really, (I believe) announced to the fashion world at large that they are capable of putting together wearable, well designed, well cut, cohesive and most importantly sellable collections.  If this is where we are now, regardless of how long it’s taken to arrive here we have a bright and beautiful future ahead of us! Yay for Canadian fashion!

Here is Line Knitwear fall/winter 2011… 

Photos courtesy of John Headley

Hope ya loved it…



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