Out of the box coverage~~The Return of Arthur Mendonca

It’s the end of March 2011 and that means we are bringing the Fall/Winter 2011 season to a close and what better place to do that than in our sweet ass home town of Toronto!  LG  Toronto Fashion week doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow  March 28th.  However,  that hasn’t stopped a whole slew of designers from presenting off site;  getting a great jump on the week.

I have been fortunate enough to attend both the Penicullus Bellum and the Greta Constantine shows.  Both were amazing; in stylish venues that catered to a very chic fashion crowd.  Especially the Greta show. 

Now there was one show that I didn’t have the pleasure of attending but would have loved to!  Arthur Mendonca! 

I like to call him the Valentino of Canada because his evening wear is to die for and like Valentino he knows the lines of a woman’s body and designs to fit.  I first fell in love when I saw the gown that Nelly Furtado wore to the Grammy’s in 2008 custom-made for her by Arthur it was stunning!  Then the unthinkable happened; Arthur declared bankruptcy.  2008 wasn’t just difficult for the housing market everything took a turn for the worst and many designers have taken hard hits.  But that didn’t keep Mendonca down for long,  three years later he’s back and he came back with a bang!  Of course I had to see the collection for my self and the photos only confirmed for me what I already knew!  I was going to love every single piece.  Since I was totally right about that how about you be the judge check out his collection below.

photos courtesy Jenna Marie Wakani via Fashionmagazine.com

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