What’s Alexxuss Doing?~TwoGirlsinFashion.com promo shoot

Sneak pic

In my last What’s Alexxuss Doing post I told yall about the Sway magazine photoshoot I am co-directing with Renee Thompson, the fantastic thing is that we have also established a creative direction/production company and blogcast called Two Girls in Fashion.  Twogirlsinfashion.com will launch officially on March 14, 2011.  In preparation for the launch of the site we have had to take some necessary steps like directing a photoshoot that we are also the subjects of.  Well,  we did just that this last Friday.  We got super lucky the weather was gorgeous (during the day anyway)  so we were able to execute our outdoor creative without freezing our kneecaps off. 

We were blessed with an awesome crew, we were photographed by Erwin Loewon, assisted by Kiley Ayla, stylist Salem of Remix clothing Co. assistant stylists Cynthia Spitz and Sonia Torsan, and videographer Julie Hong.

We had so much fun and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.  I can’t wait for the site to go live!  Check back for updates on what we are doing.

Between shots at the corners of Bathurst & Queen


Oh Oh lashmergency

sneak pic


Doing my makeup.


Kiley Ayla photography assistant


Erwin Loewen photographer and Kiley assistant


sneak pic

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