Alexxuss loves~~Style Icon Rihanna




One of the questions that I often ask during interviews is who is your style Icon?  I have always known my own answer to this question but like a complete nin-com-poop have not done a post on her.  Who? Rihanna, duh! 

When asked to define my style I always say I’m a little R&B with a Rock and Roll twist.  Which is why I love Rihanna she is all of that.  Super glamorous at times or just downright raw and edgy.  I feel like style should never be just one thing and I believe that the transformation that she has undergone since she was first introduced has been expertly planned out.  Her style maturation has been so fluid that we almost forget that she was a baggy jean wearing, auburn haired 17-year-old from Barbados when she first jumped on the scene.  Say what you want about her music, I have my moments when I don’t like the tracks she performs but about her style and her look for the most part she can do no wrong. 

Her red carpet looks are always well planned out and always reflect her somewhat eclectic sensibility.  She is constantly re inventing herself and for me her biggest change, (and in my opinion the best decision she ever made) was cutting her hair.  The colour has ranged from deep black to dirty blonde to her current look a flaming Kool aide red. 

The great thing about Ri Ri is that she not only has an impeccable record on the carpet but her kicking around looks are just as awesome.  I feel like if we shopped together we would always be fighting over the same clothes. Don’t think for a minute I would give up a hot jacket or pair of shoes…Not on your life!  I still gotta love her though she’s totally HOT!




One thought on “Alexxuss loves~~Style Icon Rihanna

  1. I love Rihanna’s style too. I am very happy she is being recognized as a style icon. Alshtough she hasnt innovated clothing trends, much like Gaga or even Beyonce with her lace fronts, but more so with a bad girl swag and good girl smile. Rihanna is the best at playing good girl gone bad. It creates balance. Her style from head to toe is always different at any given time but always true to her childlike personality and her grown up experiences all mixed into one. You can tell a lot by someones phyical aesthetic and presentation.

    good job Alexxus!

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