Alexxuss Loves~~Giving Back~~Project Winter Survival

One of the great things about my life are the people in it and the team at The Bargains Group are no exception.  One of the things I love about this company is its social consciousness.  Every year The Bargains Group comes together and organizes two charity events; Project Water and Project Winter Survival.  Project Winter Survival is in its 11th year and it’s focus is to help those who are less fortunate than us and are living on the street.  The goal of the event is to build 2500 survival kits for the homeless and distribute them to front line agencies who then in turn provide them to the people who need them.    The kits are packed with 32 essential items including; winter accessories, bottled water, hygiene products, snack items as well as a sleeping bag. 

This awesome project is a great way to give back, if you are looking to make a charitable donation why not start here.  A $25 donation provides $165 worth of product for the survival kits and your given a tax receipt from the Salvation Army.  There are many ways that you can help visit to donate or contact The Bargains Group at 416-785-5655.  For those of you who love to shop and want to give back at the same time, you can visit them at their location for their friends and family warehouse sale  any weekend from now until Christmas bring in a new or used knapsack, tote bag or duffel bag and receive a free Olympic touque. 

They are located at 890 Caledonia in Toronto you can also check them out on Facebook, and

Tis the season as they say, so come out show your support and help a homeless person stay a little warmer this winter.

p.s. giving back is very fashionable and fabulous!

Alexxuss Loves!

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