Alexxuss Loves~~Only

I discovered Only right before LG Toronto Fashion Week when I frantically needed to shop for new pieces to supplement my wardrobe.  I was actually going to the mall to see if a certain other store had finally opened it’s doors when I came across this import from Denmark.

Only came to Canada four years ago on a wholesale level and then opened its first retail location last year.  This year they’ve expanded and opened up 6 new locations; one of which is right down the street from my house, which I love of course.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with their rep from Best Sellers the fashion house that represents Only in Canada. I had an opportunity to get some pics of the store and staff while they do their official Grand Opening.  They’ve got a great sale going on, and you can win jeans for a year if you guess the correct number of jeans that the staff packed into a smart car.  They also have $10 off your purchase and a free t-shirt when you fill out the contest form. 

The Only girl has three sides to her True, Love and Edge.  True represents the relaxed tom boy, Love represents the girly girl in all of us and Edge speaks to the rocker chick that we all aspire to be.  It’s no wonder I love this store the Only girl is soooo me!  If you live in the west end of Toronto, or are in the Brampton, Mississauga area come check out my new favourite store.  Only!

Alexxuss Loves!

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