Introducing Alexxuss Loves!

It’s been said that if you stop growing you die, right?  Well I happen to subscribe to that philosophy as well and I think that I want to add another section to this blog that’s about the things I love. I have a great many loves in my creative life.  I don’t know of any creative person who loves only one thing.  I think it’s our make up some how  (I see you nodding your heads)!

I’m working on sooo many amazing things right now, new collaborations and opportunities as well as new interviews for y’all.  Look for those in the near future; but to kick off my new section – let’s talk about what I love!  The Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2010 Collection.  I first saw the collection on Fashion Television and I thought it was Hot.  I saw it again almost in its entirety on The Rachel Zoe Project, and that’s when it really took hold!  I have thought about that collection in some way almost daily since then.  Some might say I’m a little obsessed.  Check out the pics and you tell me if it’s not the baddest collection for this season!

(Photos courtesy

Sigh; I love, I love, I swoon and melt!  Please believe I will be adopting this look at some point before the spring.  Burberry took the militarylook and modernized it fantastically.  The OTK boots are sick to say the least, the jackets and trenches (for which Burberry is famous) are deconstructed at times and rigid at others. the collection is sexy and feminine, hard and controlled all at the same time I don’t know how they were able to balance all of these elements so amazingly. but they did!  Bravo Burberry!

Alexxuss Loves!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Alexxuss Loves!

  1. I loved Burberry’s presentation also!! If I had the money, I would buy the whole collection!! BTW, I love reading your blog! I feel like I’m talking to my most fashionable girlfriend when I read yoour posts!

    • Hey Lola,

      Thanks for visiting, and thanks for that compliment I really appreciate that! I really like your blog too, it’s refreshing and different! With so many fashion blogs out there it’s really nice to find someone with a unique perspective and presentation!



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