Backstage lights~~The Backstage Dior

With forewords by John Galliano and Suzy Menkes, as well as texts by Simon Doonan, Valerie Steele, and Jean-Jacques Naudet.

There are few jobs, positions or experiences in general that I covet, I’m your typical Fashion, Entertainment nut job so of course working at Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar or any other equally fabulous international magazine would be a dream come true.  So would producing a mind blowingly eclectic runway show for a major fashion house.  But who in their wildest dreams could imagine being the backstage photographer capturing the genius that is John Galliano for ten years.  Following him season after season catching the back stage magic on film. 

Now that is something worth coveting that right there  is an experience that I am well,  let’s just say a wee bit envious of.  Seriously there’s got to be a better word for it than envious, just doesn’t fully describe my range of emotions when I think that someone other than me was able to do this. 

So WHO had my  job of a lifetime?  World renowned fashion and celebrity photographer Roxanne Lowit. 

In 2009 Roxanne completed her more than a decade long endeavour of chronicling John Galliano’s work and compiled her photos in a book called Backstage Dior.  definitely a must own for any Dior or Galliano fan.  No big surprise why I had to do a post about this book when I first heard about it.  (Duh I love the title), the subject matter was just an added bonus. 

Roxanne has worked with everyone from Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent, to Johnny Depp and Pamela Anderson.  She has shot ad campaigns for Moet and Chandon, Dior, and Vivenne Westwood.  Her work has appeared in some of the worlds most read publications such as American, German, French and Italian Vogue.  Vanity Fair  and French Elle. 

Because of her fondness for the back of the house she was single-handedly responsible for creating the back stage fashion photographer scene, which revolutionized fashion photography. 

The book includes a gorgeous foray of full color and Black and white photos masterfully displaying the fashion and artistry of  Dior.  

Below are a few photos from the book and if you want to learn more about Roxanne her work and her life visit her website

J’adore Dior!

(Photos copywright  Roxanne Lowit)

(photo of Roxanne Courtesy

Roxanne Lowit – Backstage Dior
approx. 248 pages, hardback with slipcase
approx. 200 colour and duotone photographs
Text in English, German and French

One thought on “Backstage lights~~The Backstage Dior

  1. J’adore Dior! Loved the post Nicky! Totally inspirational and I concur I would love to have her job. To be surrounded by genius like that has to be humblimg, while at the same time making you feel like your the most blessed person on the planet. Well done!

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