What’s Alexxuss Doing–Wynterland Fashion Week

As promised an update on what I’m up to and have been up to for the last little while.  So I guess the appropriate place to start would be with some back ground.  I won’t get into my whole life story here but I will give you some idea of what led me to start blogging in the first place.  I am a Creative Director, and I’ve been doing this off and on for the last three years or so, primarily directing photo shoots and assisting with events.  So you just read that;  and there is a blank look on your face, no worries I’ll explain.  Essentially I work with people to determine what type of image or theme or style of shoot they would like to have, and then I execute it.  I bring together the team which can include, but is not limited to Wardrobe stylists, hairstylists, make-up artists, models, and photographers.  I work with all different types of people from musicians, which has been happening allot lately to models, photographers and lifestyle and events promoters.  Of course this isn’t all limited to photo shoots I do the same for Runway shows as well. 

As I mentioned working with musicians has been coming up a lot lately and over the summer I had the great pleasure of directing a shoot for Renee Wynter.  Renee has got to be one of Toronto’s best kept secrets except she’s one of those secrets that everyone thinks they’ve heard.  Below are some shots from that shoot.

Renee Wynter promo shoot


Behind the scenes shots of Photographer (Drew Henry of Chris Reign photography) and Renee on set

Behind the scenes one of my shots of Renee












Hit up Renee’s site for more information  and to hear her some of her music  www.wynterland.com


Wait there’s more……

One of my goals for the last year was to figure out a way to build a network of creative individuals like myself who are also like minded and really want to and are making a difference and having an impact on this industry. Tthat is why I started this blog; and since doing so I have made some of the greatest contacts and connections with people who live and work in Toronto and who are all fabulous, but guess what you’ve never heard of them, well until now that is.  In keeping with that mindset I determined that I would make it a point to cover the Spring/Summer shows for www.lgfashionweek.ca.  It’s not my first time being backstage at an LG Show but this is the first time that I will have full access to all of the shows and I will get to show you the behind the scenes work that goes into each designers 15 minutes of glory!  I will be updating my blog daily which is going to be a HUGE task for me but I am so excited that even the thought of losing more sleep than I’ve already lost isn’t even phasing me!

I hope their ready for me….

Nicole Nikki Alexxuss

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