Fashion Show Friday’s–CNIB Visions Gala

Since I decided to do this blog, and began doing the research and reaching out to people things have been falling into place.  How I ended up backstage at CNIB’s Visions gala was also just one of those situations that fell into my lap.  I met Charanya Bala through her sister Ramya Bala who I had met randomly at a networking event that I attended for a client.  We started talking about fashion and she told me that her and her sister had an event planning company and her sister was responsible for producing the fashion show portion of the events.  So obviously I was like yeah I totally have to meet your sister.  Fast forward to me drooling over the pieces that they had in the show, and taking pics and video of all of the goings on.  Because of all of the pics and video I will be doing the interview portion with Charanya at a later date.  For now read on and check out all the behind the scenes action!

So the show was two-fold first the models were dressed in designer pieces and posed in the hallway while guests arrived. Sort of like a presentation as opposed to an actual show.   Then after the guests were settled and treated to other forms of entertainment the models then walked in a full length show.   The designers that were represented were, Gaudet, Line, Katrina Tuttle, Fire, Lizares, Peach Beserk, Comrags, Orange by Angela Chen; to name but a few.  Check out the pics of the models and the hair and makeup team from Axcess.

Charanya Bala and Ramya Bala are the event planning dynamic duo who were responsible for making the fashion portion of this CNIB event a huge success.  If you would like to get in contact with them you can find them at

Axcess Salon can be reached at

Most of the models cast in the show are represented by Elmer Olsen.

Look out for part two of this post featuring an interview with fashion show producer Charanya Bala of Balanche Communications and Events!

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