Backstage Lights–Ryan Catney Judy inc. Stylist

Before I met Ryan Catney I had heard so much about him all good things of course but that did not mean I was at all prepared for my first Ryan meeting; he is adorable and has the prettiest blue eyes; not only that but he is hilarious and kept me steadily laughing the night we met.

I met him for the first time at the Shad K/ Decisive video release party.  He and a close friend of mine had worked on the video together.  Now,  we arrived at the video release party a couple of hours before the video was premiered and we needed to entertain ourselves which we did thoroughly.  I swear our little circle was having the most fun that night.  We talked fashion, music, stereotypes, make-up, hair, modelling etc…  We got to know each other and made the best of the situation.  So naturally Ryan was one of the first people I thought of when I decided to do this blog.  I figured everybody needs to be made aware of how fabulous Ryan is, so…

Read on and get to know Ryan Catney fashion and wardrobe stylist.

How did you become a stylist?

It was my mom’s suggestion, she knew people and I was looking for direction. I knew I wanted to get into fashion but didn’t know what to do so she suggested that I speak to Tracy at Judy inc. she gave me some really good advice and hooked me up with a stylist of hers named Michelle Lyte. Michelle was working on Canada’s Next Top Modelat the time and Tracy told me that I was either going to hate it or love it.  After working on the show I decided I loved it.

What is your favourite Fashion tip?

Fashion fades but style is forever

Who is your fav fashion designer?

Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga, he’s not afraid to take chances his collections flow from season to season and that keeps it classic even though it’s fashion forward it still stays classic.

Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer?

Fall/winter because layering is just so much fun

Why is Fashion relevent/ important?

It keeps things interesting but I want to say style is the most important;  when asked can you have style without fashion Ryan’s response some people can do it.




What is your fav clothing item?

Cardigans I love all of my cardigans.

What is your personal style or how would you define your personal style?

Boyish and comfortable when I look good I feel comfortable so I’m always making sure of that.

Who is your personal style icon?

Even though I’m a guy and I describe myself as boyish and comfortable I would say Karen O of the ya ya ya’s because she is crazy but comfortable.

One clothing item or accessory that you can’t do without you use this item every day.

Cardigans they’re so classic but you can have so much fun with them I’m very rarely with out a cardigan.





Finish this sentence I will never get rid of _______________ and why?

All of my fashion magazines that I have collected, cause trends always come back and it’s good to know when they came in.

Final question I wish they would bring back____________ and why?t

Big clip on earrings they’re such statements. They’re so much fun but they can be chic at the same time

Check out some of Ryan’s work below.  You can contact Ryan at on Facebook Ryan Micheal and on twitter

(Photos courtesy Judy inc.)



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