Back Stage Lights–It’s Been Done Stylists

It’s been done stylists are a styling team that I met on the set of a photo shoot for Wayne Warner’s Warner Girl 2010 campaign.  The looks that they pulled were fabulous most notably the shoes and I had to know who they were.  I introduced myself and came to discover that these two are a pair of extremely talented, connected, down to earth, chic ladies. I asked them to be the first interview in the Backstage lights series and luckily they agreed.

It’s Been Done Stylists Janielle Mckoy and Sharonna Osbourne are done cutting their teeth and are already taking the world by storm they are on the verge of launching their website/blog and are planning a launch event/styling expo in Atlanta G.A this coming June. These ladies are on a mission!   Read the interview below and take the time to get to know It’s Been Done Stylists!

How did you get into styling?

Janielle Mckoy

J.M: I had a natural knack for Fashion and always thought about styling, when I was approached by a blogger at an event and she asked me if I was a stylist I said no and she suggested that I become one.  She then asked me to help her with a photo shoot that she was doing where she had a wardrobe stylist already, I assisted the stylists and that was my first shoot.


Sharonna Osbourne

SO: I was in my last year of highschool when I figured out that this is what I wanted to do.  I was naturally stylish in school and would always make outfits for myself and my friends for when we were going out.  I met Janielle in 2005 and she was contacted by an acquaintance who asked her if she could style a photo shoot for her and if I could assist.  That was the first time that I styled someone else!


Who is your style icon?  (I had to give each of them two additional choices as they couldn’t narrow it down to just one person)….choosing one is just difficult!

 JM: Gwyneth Paltrow, always clean classic sense of style) she’s always in designer pieces and she is effortless, Agnyess Dean love her short blonde hair I would do it if I could, and I love her edgyness. And Sienna Miller I loved her style in Alfie

 SO: Kate Moss I loved her line for Top Shop, I love European fashion and she does European style very well.  Kerry Washington is clean and classic and she takes it from the Red Carpet to the everyday. Kelis I love her fearlessness she is always styled from head to toe and she’s always been this way.

 Name the one beauty product that you can’t live without?

 JM: Relaxer, I have short hair and I don’t wear a lot of makeup.  If relaxers stop I don’t know what I would do I’m addicted to the creamy crack! LOL

 SO: Wax, specifically for eyebrows, I don’t always wear makeup either so I believe that getting your eyebrows done is like getting an instant make over for your face.

Here are some behind the scenes shots taken at the promotional shoot for It’s Been Done Stylists launch party.



Name your Fav item of clothing?

 JM: A men’s watch makes an outfit better to me in some ways.  I picked it up from a lady I used to intern for she always wore a men’s watch and I just loved the way it looked.  I found myself searching for ones I could remove links from so I could wear them, and now I always wear one.  I’ve even worn one around my ankle.

 SO: My Black chain stacked platform booties are my favourite.  I love platform heels and I love booties so it’s the best of both worlds.

 Name an item of clothing you’ve had forever and tell me why your never getting rid of it? 

 SO: A belt I stole from my mom when I was younger, it’s a vintage gold snake belt with jewelled eyes.  It doesn’t fit the way it used to but I’m not getting rid of it.

 JM: A few years ago I talked my mother into going on renovate my wardrobe.  One of the items she got as part of her make over was a top with a fur shawl sort of attached to it.  I asked my mom if the shawl could be separated and naturally she told me no.  I kept eyeing it anyway and eventually just checked to see if it could be detached and it could.  So I took it off and now I wear it with outfits when it’s cooler.

 What are this season’s trends?

 SO: Pastel colours, girly fashions frills and florals, stacked peak a boos

 JM: Denim on denim, definitely pastels, I’m noticing a lot of snake-skin in handbags and shoes

 Give me 5 fashion styling tips that readers can use to help them stay fashionable?


  1. hygiene number one fashion tip body odor is not a good look
  2. Don’t be too matchy matchy
  3. If you have big boobs stay away from the button down blouse…the gap isn’t flattering
  4. Don’t mimic a complete look that you see on a mannequin in a store window
  5. Find accent pieces and use those to spice up your wardrobe


  1. Don’t over accessorize use statement pieces like necklaces or earrings
  2. Learn what your body type is so you can know what looks good on your body
  3. Style is about maintenance, maintain your look, pedicures, manicure, hair
  4. It’s better to be over dressed than underdressed, wear items that you can take from a day look to an evening look.  Especially during Spring/Summer when your days are longer.
  5. Don’t be too matchy matchy.  Subtly coordinate, like nail polish matching your lipstick.

Who is your Fav designer?

JM: Jeremy Scott, John Galliano, Label Gucci

 SO: Roberto Cavalli, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

 Who is your Fav Canadian Designer?

 JM: Kendra Francis, D squared, Pink Tartan

 SO: Carlie Wong, Bustle, Greta Constantine

 How would you describe your own personal style?

 JM: Funky, classic, vintage, just different and always clean

 SO: Ecclectic, unconventional, fun, multi-faceted, always changing.

 Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter?

 JM: Fall/Winter, I love layering items scarves, and hats.  I like piling on the items but I don’t like getting too hot!

 SO: Spring/Summer, I love light fabrics, and pastels and neons.  You can still layer in the evening when it gets cooler, which gives you the best of both worlds.

 That was the last question I had for these ladies who were awesome to sit and talk with.  We were having so much fun during the interview that our waitress thought that we were a group of close girlfriends.  I guess that’s just what happens when you meet individuals who are like minded.  Now that you know some more about them take in some of their work below!

Wanna get a hold of these two ladies follow them on twitter @it’s been done!  Join their fan page on facebook It’s been done Stylists.




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