WorldMasterCardFashionWeek Fall/Winter 2014: Mikael D Collection


The only show I really wanted to see during Fashion week was the Mikael D show, alas I did not RSVP in time so I’ve had to rely on the images to see if the collection would be everything I expected it to be. Not surprisingly it was.

I’ve loved Mikael’s couture designs since the first time I missed his show at fashion week back when he was still designing under the Pavoni label and caught the on screen replay of the line. I wrote a post about it lamenting my decision to not RSVP. Poor research on my part.

Now I follow him on Facebook and Instagram where he’s been giving sneak peeks of his Fall/Winter 2014 collection. I went into his collection review with great optimism and Mikael delivered, it is a glamorous and decadent collection.

The collection was styled by JayStrut who literally struts the globe attending major fashion shows each season sharing his experience one blog, instagram and Facebook post at a time.

With Mikael’s couture gowns and Jay’s great eye The collection came together seamlessly.

The pictures are below.

Photo Credit: George Pimentel




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